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sleeping without any head covering: bad idea?

14 years ago
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Hey guys. about 2 months or so ago i decided fuck it, im just gonna start sleeping without bandanna or dread band on, to hell with trying to baby them. i do toss and turn a *lot* during sleep, and i would repeatedly wake up finding my tightly tied bandanna off or almost off, though ive tried again lately, and it seems to stay better.Since then, ive noticed my dreads are getting a lot rattier, and i was wondering if its actually beneficial to sleep in some form of head

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
14 years ago
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i have never slept with anything in my head everwell i tried a couple times recently ..when they were 20 yesrs old and found the hat ion the floor in the morni think sleeping with as hat is more psychological ppl afraid theyre dreads will fall apart cant sleep cause of that fear so wear a hat to comfort themselvesusualy its backcombers who are afraid the backcombing will fall apartif u go natural u isualy fingd u are more knotty not less in the morn..without as hati always say theres no point in a hat unless it makes u feel better to wear itso..if your comfy with it on wear it i dont think it does must tho to help dreadin well except a tam can help redistribute the compression so not just the back or 1 side dreads but dreads more evenly

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14 years ago
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tried it when I started (was worried about new dreads) it lasted two night as it wouldn't stay on my head so throw it awayIt is not needed and it does nothing in helping your hair to dread
Jack Roth
14 years ago
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i have never slept with anything on my head, i tried it once and when i woke up it was on the floor next to my bed !
Pranee RN
14 years ago
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I only sleep with a hat on my head when I have concern of hurting other that share my bed! lol!
14 years ago
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I've never slept with a anything on my head and your dreads look great!
14 years ago
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This is funny because I had the same concern about sleeping with a hat on - how to keep it on my head? I actually only thought I needed to have something because I saw a lot of comments on this site about people putting wool sweaters on their pillows or wearing some kind of thing on their heads as they slept. So I got a friend of mine who makes tams to make me one with a string through the "brim" of it that I can pull tight and tie around my hair line. I have no idea if this is helping, but I got to say, my head feels so warm and comfy at night when I do wear it to bed - especially now that it is getting cold out! :)
14 years ago
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I never sleep with a head covering, and mine dreading up just fine. I think I tangle more because no cover, but who knows why. The side I sleep on the most (my right side) is about half the size of my left due to the shrinkage and dreading, so I think sleeping without cover hasn't hurt at all.
14 years ago
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thanks for helping me clear that up guys. i just hit the 5 month mark so i guess im just in that ratty stage of dreading before the rest of the tightening happens. ill just give it time :D
Heather Yo Angel
4 years ago
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I was wondering about this as well. I have not been covering mine and wondered if that causes it to take longer for your hair to dread.
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