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Location: Tulsa, OK
Zipcode: 74136
Country: US


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05/25/11 11:44:44PM @uoma:
congratz on your dreadie b-day. :D What method's and maintenance did you use if any? I didn't see anything earlier than 4 months i think.

03/11/11 08:33:44AM @naturalwomyn:
He's got around 32 including a few congos :o)

01/06/11 09:14:37AM @naturalwomyn:
Thanks man! Yea my hubby definitely inspires me daily!! Your's look great too how did you keep so much length?? I stopped combing in april and my hair was to my butt, now my dreads are at my shoulders! Many Blessings

10/12/10 05:00:49PM @skelly:
peace dread

Kayla Marae Neumann
09/11/10 06:56:55PM @kayla-marae-neumann:
now that i think about it....i have never met another dreadhead either hmm

09/06/10 07:30:37AM @jdwood:
That was a great post you left on KJC discussion about wax.

07/23/10 06:12:23PM @samantha2:
Hey :) thank you for that tip,I definitely will try itHave an awesome day!-High fives- for sweet aim name. I am obsessed with anything to do with cats :d

07/16/10 04:24:01PM @makaila:
oh well thats awesome

07/14/10 07:50:52AM @makaila:
loli know man! what part of town to do you live in?im on the westside

07/13/10 10:17:41PM @makaila:
your dreads look great:) and you live in tulsa? i rarely see dreads around here lol

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