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Yoga For The Soul

By Marissa Victoria, 2013-06-17

Hello fellow dreadies, yogis, and friends;

I recently got a job at an amazing Yoga studio. I new before I got the job that I wanted to start my Yoga practice more seriously, in hopes to start my teacher training in the next few months. I always new I loved yoga. However, when I took a Yoga class, it was at my college and something about it didn't hit home the way this studio does. I work the FD as of right now, and have met so many amazing people. So many CONSCIOUS people. Who aren't just doing Yoga to become fit but to find oneness with their body and their surroundings.

The studio I work for was founded on the idea of healing for cancer, wellness, and mindfulness. There is a Tea house inside of it that serves organic teas, vegan smoothies, and fresh juices.

I was so surprised I got the phone call back for this job because I literally manifested this into my life practically instantly. I was starting to get so fed up with the unhealthy American, fast food, lifestyle. The unconscious lifestyle most people are living by sitting on their bums watching T.V., stressing over bills and the future.

What I found at the studio, was a confirmation, that I'm on the right track, and that I need to be doing what I'm doing. Not only that, but it reinforces my goal to help people; my ability to love people; my desire to understand and feel compassion for others who are in a place of suffering.

We all have the power to heal. And we all gain something from others.

I realized that mindfulness over ones body, mind, and diet only makes one stronger! And allows one to think clearly, and function OPTIMALLY.

Yoga is my "drug".

It almost brings tears to my eyes when I see seniors coming to yoga classes on oxygen tanks because it shows a persons dedication, hard work and devotion to wellness, and mindfulness with themselves.

All amounting to a better life.

When you realize everything you feel and think is in your control, you can live your dreams.

When you aren't feeling good, catching colds, mood swings, ANYTHING that isn't feeling good,

can be cured through Yoga.

It's for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Just remember to Breathe...Hear that Breathe; the essential function to your staying alive;

And be one with it.


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Having a happy first week natural

By Puddinbites, 2013-06-16

Well first off just let me say how relaxing and fun this is just from the beginning, nothing hurt, my hair feels good not damaged and I see progress. On the 9th or 10th (pretty sure the 9th, my Husbands thinks so too but who know for sure) I was having an awful time trying to find the brush so I went on threw with starting the process lol I had been wanting them for forever (had a bad set 10 years ago) and been looking into exactly how I wanted to do it for the last few weeks and I felt ready.

My hair loves to tangle and seperate into little groups on it's own so I was pretty sure my hair would do really well and I think it is. I have 3 baby dreads on the back on of my neck and pieces really sticking together, they are small but I would prefer mostly smaller dreads with a few bigger ones in the back. It just feels like things are going right this time.

My husband is so supportive and makes sure the back doesn't get too stuck together and is hand carving me some beads and also trying to make a swirly chinese dragon but it'd be long time before I'd be able to wear to anyways. He is using cherry wood and I hope that is okay. We will get him some carving and wood burning suppiles soon.

I have the products I am currently using and pics up in my profile. I ordered the dreadlock shampoo and sea salt spray though too and I can't wait to try it out. I think I might buy some embroidery string tomorrow to make some criss cross wraps just for fun.

I'm gonna update with pictures and a blog posts pretty often since I really enjoyed reading and seeing other peoples dread journey. :) Thanks for reading

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Help us! Brazil needs your help!

By Diego F., 2013-06-15

Hello to all my dreadhead friends here on dreadlockssite!

I'm making this blog post because there are a lot of protests going on Brazil, especially here on So Paulo against the increase of bus fare. The increase of 0.10 dollar cents is a lot for us, because most of us receives just an minimum wage of something like $300.

Now the worker who receives the minimum wage have to pay at least 20% of its wage just to go to work and go back to home 5 days a week, and this is really an absurd, because everything is expensive here, with a minimum wage is nearly impossible to rent a house here to live alone [except if you go to the slums/favella's where are governed by criminal organizations].

Now the poor have to skip one meal of the day just to pay the fare to go to work! The local media are calling us as "vandals" and "rioters". The fare increased and the public transportation is still poor like never before, there are no improvements, nothing is right here!

Last thursday we have an big protest on the center of So Paulo, and police were firing rubber bullets and tear gas bombs without being attacked. There was an time that me and my friend wanted to go home, we tried to talk to police, but they threw 2 tear gas grenades on us, i almost fell out on the ground with lack of oxygen... On Monday the protests will continue and we expect at least 10.000 of people on the streets.

So to all my friends, i don't know how the press on your countries are telling about what is happening here on Brazil... but... if you can share on twitter/facebook or other networks this video, it will be very helpful, please spread the truth, because we will have an fifa world cup here soon, and the government is trying to sell an fake image of Brazil to the foreign people that will come here to watch the games

Here is the video [the audio is on english]:

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Here we go...

By Maria Tyler, 2013-06-15

I have been thinking about dreadlocks for quite some time now. Recently, I have been taking breaks from brushing my hair, just tying it up. However, once the back becomes too matted, I break down, put massive amounts of conditioner in it, and spend the hour-plus combing it out.

I had dreads for a little while in college...not entirely on purpose. I just didn't brush my hair for a summer, and basically lived at the beach and didn't care too much. In looking back at pictures, it really looked pretty cool! But my hair was a lot shorter then (shoulder length pre-dreads).

Anyway, I went online to get information on dreadlocks and found TONS of sites that advertised for salons that "dread" and all of the products that are available for "dreading" your hair. But, truth be told, any of the photos from these sites seemed a little off. There was something about the dreads that didn't look quite right, and I thought to myself, "If my hair/head is going to look like that, I am not interested." They seemed sort of fake... well, they just weren't what I was picturing and didn't look anything like what my hair looked like back when I let my hair go.

Then, I came across a youtube video about Natural Free Form Dreadlocks and it pointed me to this site: THANK YOU!!!! This is exactly what I was looking for!

I have the summer off. I am committed to not brushing my hair for the next 90 days to see how it goes. I have read the entire section on Dreaducation, and I am real excited to start this journey. (I have a wedding to go to in August, but I figure I can just put my hair up if it is too much of a mess at that point.) I still have a lot of questions though...

1) What should I do to prevent the "matting" that goes on in the back of my head? I have been finger-combing my hair, but should I be?

2) My hair has REALLY bad split ends. Should I get it trimmed?

3) My hair is quite long (almost to my waist). Is it too long?

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By Flowerchild2, 2013-06-15
Hi everybody!I wonder what you guys do with your growth to make it turn into dreads? I have tried in a few different ways, like using crochet hooks, back -combing it and so on, but I haven't found a method that I think works good yet. What do you think is the best method? And is there any special products you would like to recommend?Love
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Loving myself, loving my hair!

By Nicole V., 2013-06-15

It's been over 3 months now since I decided to stop brushing.

I've told a few people, and I'm kind of waiting for the rest to notice... how long before they ask, I wonder. There's no way that no one has noticed that I'm not brushing my hair anymore. It just looks different... to me, it's stark, but then I have to remember that I am working with some seriously unobservant men.

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Advice given because I / we care

By the Barrellady, 2013-06-15

I just read a post by another member who ranted in part about the advice given on what not to do when growing dreadlocks. Through years of knowledge, members will share the dangers of certain methods. Why do we give a shit??? Because we care, because we want you to be able to grow your dreads for life if you so choose to. You don't have to take any advice given, make your own decision for your own journey.

I am 100% against crochet hooks, YET, I created a group for those of you who choose to do so. Some of you don't have the patience to wait, and that's okay, your hair...some of you only want to grow dreads for a couple of years or so and don't want to wait 1-2 years for them to mature, I totally understand. For those of you who crochet, share your pics, tips etc with others who share the same technique:

I would never add extensions to my own hair (for spiritual reasons), YET, I also started a group for members to give each other how to tips, maintenance tips and for sharing their photos. I have no tips to give on these, but they were made with you in mind, so contribute if you can:

I guess I should end this now, but what I was trying to get at when I started was that I / we are not trying to be mean, or to insult, I / we only have your best interest at heart, we want you to make an educated decision before you do something or continue to do something. Maybe you did not know of any future problems, maybe you do, I / we don't know that. Just be thankful we care and make your own decisions.

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By ChildrenAtMidnight, 2013-06-13

So I'm up to about 25 dreads now. I've been casually adding them in with the t&r method whenever my hair has started to clump together in the back.

Tonight, I'll be giving the baking soda wash a try for the first time. Prior to this, I've just been using theneutrogena anti-residue shampoo to get all the extra crap out of my hair. I'm pretty excited to give this a try, as is my scalp.

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RASTAFARIAN DUO (shuttlelife) music video

By Alexandro Colon, 2013-06-12

thought all my fellow dreadies would def. enjoy this music video of a duo called "shuttle life" coming out of the depths of Miami,florida - #hovermode

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New to the community

By Andres3, 2013-06-12

Hello everyone, I for years been thinking on getting my hair locked. I usually iron my hair but naturally is heavy curly. Am looking forsuggestionsfrom more experience people.

Thanks all \\m//

P.S: ill be posting pictures of my hair soon.

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