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10 monthss

user image 2013-06-22
By: kayla robbins
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I am currently about ten months into my journey. And I cant express enough how free I feel, was always so self conscious about my hair before. I hated it actually. But now I love all my dreadies individually, and they all got little personalities of their own. Its definitely an inner transformation as well as an outer one. I'm learning to not worry about the little things and just appreciate things for what they are. <3Peace & love to all
kayla robbins
06/26/13 09:11:21PM @kayla-robbins:
I know. Tis a great feeling. Seeing lots of progress over the past few weeks

the Barrellady
06/23/13 08:26:42PM @the-barrellady:

I am happy they affected you that way. It is truly amazing how our inner soul grows and how our outlook changes, all from growing dreadlocks.....peace

06/22/13 03:36:57PM @spacequeen:
That's so lovely to hear Kayla! My dreads have had a similar effect on me, I'm only 3 months in but I love all my little knots individually and equally :p I notice they mature more as I realize my true self and inner peace more :) much love to you.

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