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heavy shedding- just another part of my journey

user image 2013-06-26
By: Ixchel
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I figured it would come, i knew to expect it, the post partum shedding. I did shed more than normal after i had my girls but nothing like most other women said they experienced & it never really bothered me. I had seen a few ladies decide to delay dreading until after the shedding would happen, i figured i'd be knotted up enough by then & lose so little that it wouldn't matter. Well i'm losing a lot of hair, all the time. I wake up & my bed is covered, i'm always picking my stray hairs off my babe & my clothes, when i wash my hair i'm surprised that i have much left lol. I'm not concerned about it though, it's just another part of my individual journey dreading. The hair everywhere is annoying but it will pass in time. I trust them to do what they need to without me interfering, they haven't steered me wrong yet ;)

Blessed Earth Mama
06/27/13 03:55:27AM @blessed-earth-mama:

Funny Ixchel I started this journey again while that was happening to me still. And it was happening to me still 2 years after my munchkin was born. >.< And my hair was starting to get very thin looking again and saddened me. Then I decided to start the dread process again and figured I would have some thicker "hair" again in time. xD You will get through it! I know it isn't fun and doesn't feel very good while it is happening. With my first boy I never experienced it because I already had mature dreads so it all fell out into them I guess...

the Barrellady
06/27/13 02:26:22AM @the-barrellady:

Gee lxchel, it's been 13 years since my last child and I forgot all about the shedding. You should collect all those hairs and backcomb a baby dread out of them for your little fella, That would take a cool picture!!! Peace Mama

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