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My "Surprise Dreads"

By: LadyDreadedStardust
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I joined dreadlockssite with a full head of artificial, synthetic dreadlocks. After TWO DAYS, I decided to take out my falsies, which gave me extreme confidence and made me feel, well, beautiful, in favour of starting my actual dreadlocks, using the natural method.

Well, you can guess how surprised I was when, as one by one I took out my false locks, a little tuft of hair stuck up, unfurled and...wait for it, PINGED UP as if to say "ello mam, why you been hiding us?"

My face was a picture. It is like I grew dreadlocks out of sheer will of wanting with a couple of days. Having my synthetics in for 12 weeks probably helped too (but I'm going with the "sheer will," theory)

So now I have afro roots with little dreadlocks hiding within. They're sticking up all over the place, like a multi-limbed star fish. Some are skinny, some are a bit chunky, but they're MINE! HA, and I was surprised by my little fluffy babies being born from synthetics.

Peace guys, hope you enjoyed this :)

the Barrellady
06/27/13 02:44:28AM @the-barrellady:

You will love the journey you real hair will take you on. You will see little babies grow before your very eyes, changing weekly, even daily. It is a journey that all should experience, happy you found the true calling.....enjoy the ride my friend, it is a wild one, it will open up your soul....peace

Jennaleigh Moonflower
06/24/13 10:59:59PM @jennaleigh-moonflower:
Grareful to hear ur lovely story. Your journey awaits sister

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