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Why I have dreads, judgment, and acceptance

By Loren2, 2013-09-19

Just wanted to share my vlog on my dreadlocks journey, answering the question, "Why do I have dreadlocks?" as well as discussing what it has taught me about judgment and acceptance. I really hope you enjoy it!! Please comment and share your journey with me if you have a YouTube channel! I would love to follow your journey and share in that process with you!

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Brushing Out With Help of My Mom

By Tina Mother's Milk, 2013-09-18

'So my mom helped me with two more fatties. I think I can make 4 new ones from one and 3 new ones from the other. The knots were so tight, felt like beads in there. I lost a few clumps of hair but hopefully I can recover. :('.

I will wash and tnr tomorrow. I have two or three more to brush out. Now I see how huge those were. Too bad. I feel sad cuz I was 12 weeks in and my roots were dreading already. Took a few hours to get two dreads out! I don't know how those knots got in there.

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By mario hernandez2, 2013-09-17

can i wear a wool beanie its not tight on my head at all .. its actually pretty loose

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baking soda

By marcus dawkins, 2013-09-17
Can anyone give me the steps on the baking soda and acv rinse i am a month and a half in the natural process
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I am Dreadlock

By ☮ jimmy ✝, 2013-09-17

I have a confession. After eight days of pretty surprising progress, I conditioned and combed my hair out last month. I freaked out over something or other, but you know what? I'm tired of freaking out, man. Or should I say, it's time to let my freak flag fly?

I have decided that I no longer care what anyone thinks--or more likely does not think--of me or my hair. Sure, some will notice, some will judge. But this journey won't let me go; I must stop combing and let peace and light into my life like never before.

The world is on its own trajectory for ill; I refuse to go the way of the world. Instead, I will work to be something positive, something better among the refuse of hate, corruption, greed, vanity and superficiality.

I am a dreadlock. Like Moses, Abraham, and the holy Prophets, I am a dreadlock. Like the Hebrew peoples, like Samson, like St. Moses the Ethiopian, I am a dreadlock. Like the Scoti and Pict, like the druid of old, like the Wise Men, the Magi. I am a dreadlock.

I am not Rasta. I am not a pothead. I do not wish I were another race. I am who I am. I am a white man.

And I am a dreadlock. Today and tomorrow, I am a dreadlock.

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natural progress 1 year 3 months

By Ivan Slay, 2013-09-16

i'll do the same gif with day light, it was for fun, but i think it doesn't look very good because the light. ;D

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normal or fake hair?

By sofie johansen, 2013-09-16

Heei Dreadheads! <3

i want my dreads longer.. so i want hair ekstiensions in them. is it best to make dreads whit fake hair og realy human hair? or is it dosent matter what to do? :)

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Anyone Live In Connecticut?

By Tina Mother's Milk, 2013-09-16

HELP! Anyone in Connecticut that would be willing to help me re-do a couple dreads in the back? The locktition made them HUGE and I was able to undo two of them, but I would like to do two others and they seem to be locked. Also, I would like about 8 more made from the few that I combed out so they don't congo.

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By Zachary Marpoe, 2013-09-16

I started my neglect dreading a little over 2 months ago. Now I am a very impatient when it comes to this process. Somedays i wish i could wake up in the morning and bam, have a full head of dreads. Some people that see me everyday tend to swing the same way saying "where are you dreads" and it just makes it more tired of waiting. After not seeing to much progress with the first maybe month and a half, i was really considering to just comb what i had out and keep my hair straight. The past two weeks now my head looks like a jungle is going on. i have a hand full of newbie dreads starting and looking different everyday. its starting to make this process exciting and wanting to keep going to see how my dreads turn out. i guess all you need to be is really patient when it comes to this method, for those who are going this way of dreading just stay patient and itll come. might be slow but you will like the end result.

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Loc's of love

By Sabrina Brown-Renne, 2013-09-15

Ok so my daughter first did my dreads for me. My reason for getting them is as you well know locs are strong my locs stand for my love for my kids. I had to bruch mine out due to my mom getting cancer. shortly after she passed i got them back. I did go to a salon to get them and the new groth is much thinner then the ones i got. I am in love with the new groth.

I well deal with the salon dreads tell my hair gets longer then i well cut the salon ones out.

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