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Salt and lemon

user image 2013-10-13
By: Lisa6
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Hey guys,So I have a question.When I had my previous set of dreads, which were made with a crochet hok, I used to put lemon aand salt in my hair.Regular salt mixed with water or lemon juice and sprayed that on to my dreads.People told me that would make my dreads mature faster.And i really helped back then, my dreads got really tight.But can I also use it wit neglect dreads? Will it speed up the proces or damage my hair?I'm looking for ways to speed up the proces just a little bit. Sometimes it really hurts me to see all those lovely dreads on the internet, I miss mine so bad!It feels lke a part of me is missing now, which sounds kinda stupid cause I only had them for like 3 months or so.Sooooo, will lemon or salt help my dreads start locking up or will I damage my hair?
10/21/13 10:29:21AM @ramblingrum:
Salt water does really help the hair lock but is drying and irritating to your scalp. Make sure to wash out. Spray it on then let it soak but wash it out after an hour or so. Lemon juice is damaging. It's very acidic so it will dry your hair and help it dread but the damage is not worth it

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