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Something sticky!

user image 2013-10-02
By: Kato
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So I found something sticky at the end of one of my dreads. I was feeling optimistic so proceeded to wash it, no success, so tried some dish liquid, some tea tree oil, some eucalyptus, still no result. By this time I was really annoyed and probably to everyone's horror cut the end of one of my dreads.What was this sticky demon? Is a relic of wax that's worked it's way out? Was it something gross from one of my small tribe members? I can't be sure. I did dissect the inch or so of dismembered dread and found there to be nothing but knotty hair inside, so despite the sadness of cutting one of my dreads I was happy to find nothing sinister inside.My poor sad dread has since recovered and the end has curled back up to form a nice normal end. Yay!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/02/13 09:52:14AM @soaring-eagle:

if wax was used id say absolutely could be wax

it could also be a left over rubber band?

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