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Zachary C.


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Grey residue :( Help please

By: Zachary C.
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Noah Meyers
10/09/13 05:28:03PM @noah-meyers:
Try vikki's lock up shampoo that soaring eagle talks about quite a bit. They have been my saving grace.

Zachary C.
10/08/13 05:59:55PM @zachary-c:

Never used wax or anything and have a shower filter for that hard water. Blue dawn dish soap huh? dilute it heavy too? Also wanna thank everyone for the comments! I appreciate it!

10/08/13 12:45:21PM @zoeyrainsmom:

I get sticky build up in my hair from the dreadlock shampoo bar as well. Another member suggested I try the regular blue Dawn dish soap....It took all the crap out of my hair. I am again using the shampoo bar but at least I now have an option to strip the ick out until I find another shampoo that works better. Good luck!!!

10/08/13 11:49:10AM @ramblingrum:
I would definitely do some baking soda soaks before trying anything more drastic or damaging to your hair. Have you ever used wax? And since I have hard water in my area, I just wash with bs and ACV with my oils

Zachary C.
10/07/13 07:38:38PM @zachary-c:

Its a tiny bit sticky, but I cant even really say that, I don't know what this shit is lol

10/07/13 06:52:42PM @ramblingrum:
Is the residue hard or sticky...?

xavier mccrowey
10/07/13 05:24:45PM @xavier-mccrowey:
Never used the bs and acv rinse tho

xavier mccrowey
10/07/13 05:24:06PM @xavier-mccrowey:
I might have to try liquid also

Zachary C.
10/07/13 05:20:40PM @zachary-c:

I don't know, It feels like the Bs helps a lot, maybe ill just go back to the liquid version of the dread soap, super discouraging lol

xavier mccrowey
10/07/13 04:04:01PM @xavier-mccrowey:
I'm having the same issue. It's kind of been there b4 but since the bar its been more obvious. If you find any resolve let me know

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