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6 week update - Heidi's Timeline

By Heidi Jensen, 2014-02-18

I know these things ordinarily go by the month, but well... me and ordinary don't get together that often :)

I got a bunch of beads to help guide things along... especially since I have quite a few strays... so they don't fraternize too much... Just have to remember to slide them a bit up or down so as not to create weak spots in the dreads

Gosh darnit... that damn neck part! Never really got it right... This is one of the areas that suffered the most losses at the Great Culling. Now there's kind of a giant gap there... Grrr!

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Dread Day - Heidi's Timeline

By Heidi Jensen, 2014-02-18

Allrightey.... Back to square one, more or less all unravelled... a few of them did survive ^_^ I should name them something warrior'ey...

And here we go - December 6, 2013!! Under a waxing Aquarius Moon

Yeah, I know.. that's some rough quality there...

Little babies...

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Prelude - Heidi's Timeline!

By Heidi Jensen, 2014-02-18

Aaaaaallrightey!! ^_^ These shall be the official records of my dreadlock jouney... take three :)

I started dreading in 2010'ish, this is what i had going on

I only use backcombing. The importance of natural sectioning has become increasingly evident to me, as my locks simply will have their way! :) They are just not happy if too thin, too thick, or forced into unnatural groups. Not in the long term.. which is what i'm interested in. Best strategy for me by far is to let them form in the sizes and with the 'friends' they want and then take it from there. This means having strays and random smaller locks of undreaded hair, but it's worth my dreads being happy and I kinda like the diversity lol:) I like braiding too, so it's nice still being able to do that.

Anyway, I did not know just how important this 'listening to my dreads' was before, and it was just giving me grief, so autumn 2013 the command decision was made to unravel all of this... (pictures taken on decent days.... oh how they can turn :) )

Oooh my little fabric-flower creations ^_^

.... And start over. Some had gone to neglect, and I just don't like it when I can't get a comb through 'em.. feel like they don't get clean and dry enough... so I chopped off the dead weight, and tried to give it a rest and let some parts grow out a bit before starting over.. couldn't stay away long though.

So - This time I shall keep a log of this great adventure. I'm so grateful to all those out there that bothered to do the same - it's a thrill to watch unfold :)

Here we go!

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pursuing dreams to

By Kelsey Joy, 2014-02-17
I am trying to get to India in October to pursue my dream of becoming a yoga teacher and opening my very own yoga studio.. so i am turning to you fellow dread heads to help support me and follow my dreams!! a nickle, a dollar, $5, anything to get me feet going in the right direction!! love and light my friends<3

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damn this weather (probly be without power again)

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2014-02-12

this winters sicked

last week we had an ice storm that caused us to npt have power for 4 or 5 days heat except 1 lil propane heater for a big house

2 days after getting power back the heater system died wich wasnt as bad as no power cause we had 3 or 4 electric heaters so can heat more then 1 lil room.. except they keep blowing the circuite breaker

but now

starting now were getting 10-14 more inches of snow (ontop of the 4 that hasnt melted yet) and...lots more ice

last week 450,000 in this area lost power

thus storms already knocked out power to that many down south and will be many times stronger when it hits us (wich is now)

so i totaly expect to be without power..and heat for a week

i made naturaldreads01 a temp admin so let him know if u see any issues

im gonna curl up under 5 or 6 blankets in case the power goes out b4 morn

send me warm vibes

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Dread babies, frizz, and general unruliness

By DreadfulWishes, 2014-02-11

Ok, I bit the bullet about 3 weeks ago and decided to dread my hair! I used the TnR method.

In the beginning I absolutely loved them - they looked SO good!

However, they're getting to be very frizzy, seem to be coming loose near the roots on top - they don't want to stay on either side and have bumps that make triangles on the top of my head - and have lots of loose hairs.

I've already had to redo a lot of them because they started congoing in bad places and some of them just came out completely on their own.

For about a week and a half I used the baking soda method followed by an ACV rinse and it seemed to get things really clean. For the last week or so I have used the Goddess dreadlocks shampoo. It smells wonderful!

I can't help but wonder - did my dreads come out because I was too rough on them while washing? Should I avoid the Goddess shampoo and continue with only baking soda for a while until they tighten up? My husband hates the smell of ACV, so I will only use it when absolutely necessary.

It could also be that I wear my hair pulled back in a ponytail fairly often for my job....

My hair is naturally fairly curly - not pencil thin ringlets, but more than wavy - relatively coarse with varied texture, and extremely thick, so I was surprised that they came out so quickly since they like to stick together in curls anyway.(I'm about a 64th Native American mixed with almost every kind of European you can think of and it all shows through in my hair - it varies from smooth and blonde to coarse and almost black). Oh, and it's just past my shoulders in length.

Do I need to chill out and just let them fix themselves? Or is there something I can do to help them along?

Not only do I love the way they look, I also really want to dispel the misconceptions about dreads where I live - conservative Oklahoma - but I'm worried that no one is going to take me seriously unless they clean up quick....

Anyway, thanks in advance!!

Love and Peace

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Where to get good dreads near Clarion, PA

By Tyler Silka, 2014-02-10

I'm looking for a place where I can get dreads for the first time. I have thick hair and its auburn. Thanks

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Has anyone gotten the question...

By interrstella, 2014-02-09
Along the lines of "are you dreading your hair" and your respond with something along the lines of "Yes, I am LETTING my hair dread," and their all o.O
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By Montrel NappyBoi Freeman, 2014-02-07
Do anyone know how to upload pic on here i want to show my dreads and my jouney off # Nappy Boi
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Just a little bragging

By interrstella, 2014-02-06
So, to start all the people I work with and the regulars I serve keep asking me if I did something to my hair and that they really like it :)Second, today I tried and succeeded in tying my hair up with my own hairYayay thanks /rant
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