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3 Month Update - Blonder and beginnings of PINK

user image 2014-03-06
By: Heidi Jensen
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3 Months! I'm blonder and my animal friendly pink hair dye (LaRiche Directions, Pastel Pink and Carnation Pink) have arrived. (FYI, I also used some great and animal friendly bleaches, from the good people of Sanotint). Oh also, this might be of interest to some... after I think the first time bleaching (my virgin hair), my dreads went crazy kinky, and were quite hard to unloop. After the second bleach, my hair felt so dry I used some of the conditioner that came with the bleach. I know conditioner and dreads are a big no-no, but it REALLY helped! I also only left it in very briefly, maybe 30 seconds, and not on the roots. Just wanted to share :)

The dye looked fantastic going on...

But took on a more orangey hue when dried / after a couple of days

I realized the Pastel Pink really only shows up as such on pretty much white hair - I increased the ration of the Carnation Pink to Pastel to about 1:3 (from 1:5 or so... the Carnation Pink is Quite Strong!) ... and am finally getting somewhere :)

I liked the idea of having a mix of blonde and pink dreads, which is also a good way to test bleaching time and colours before going BIG with it :)

Might try and do a pink-blonde ombre thing next time though :)

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