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Trials and roadblocks

user image 2014-03-08
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Friends are dropping like flies. Ever since starting my dreadlock journey, I've found myself on a very liberating journey. I happen to fall under many dreadlock stereotypes, not because I want to be cool, but because I have found each stereotype I fall under, individually, and at seperate times. Yes I smoke weed and partake in entheogens, yes I am reading about Buddhism(and after showing someone the path of enlightenment before I knew what Buddhism was, and before I knew what enlightenment was, I'm beginning to believe I'm a Buddhist), yes I play music, yes I live in a rough town, yes I'm losing friends, and YES, I am happy with my life.

While lost in thought after reading part of a post by YUKON ***"...dreads let me know who ppl are really fast w/out them having to say a word to me"*** I begin to realize that someone with dreadlocks has a story to tell. I believe it boils down to one of two sides: 1. Whoever is wearing dreadlocks has been through some shit, or 2. We are strong minded and don't let the actions of others affect us in a negative way. I fall somewhere in the middle.

One thing that gets to me, is selling out. I know deep down I'm not selling out, but on the surface, I wonder. When you spend years among people, you tend to feel in debt to them in some way or another. So when you get dreadlocks, and your friends start calling you poser, or insulting you in some way or another, you may begin to wonder who you really are. This is when it REALLY gets tough. It's like digging a hole with a golf club. A big hole that can take days, even years to finish. There is a box at the bottom of this hole, and in it is a mirror. The only mirror that YOU can see. Once you get to that point, whether it takes a minute, or a lifetime, you'll find out who you are. I don't exactly know who I am, but I'm close enough to say that 99.8% of the people I have surrounded myself with over the past ten years, were only temporary helpers. At the end of your story, you're going to have one beautiful book. When I see someone with dreadlocks, I see a part of myself. I can definitely see where YUKON was coming from.

03/08/14 04:55:15PM @drs:

Definitely a douchebag filter lol.

03/08/14 05:50:35AM @linus:

Awesome reading.

I had one of my best friends that told me to cut my hair an stuff all the time, and i just said "never" as i always do. I didnt think he was a big fan of it. But one day i was with the good friend of mine and another friend, and the other friend started to harrass me and told me to wash my hair, use some conditioner, hippie, are you trying to be black? Etc. And he just ranted on about when he had long hair that he took care of it and conditioned it and it looked clean and nice compared to mine. Suddenly my "better" friend stepped in and said that my hair is atleast something special, its pretty cool compared to straight hair. So hes like defending my hair now that he before told me to cut and stuff. That was kinda a chock for me. So i think this was the proof of a real friend, we talk "shit" about each other but dont really mean it, we just do it like brothers to.

The harrassing "friend" told me that his hair didnt smell like dreadlocks atleast. And my "better" friend just replied with "what, his dread doesnt smell anything but hair" or something like that. Since then, that guy shut his mouth.

Im not sure why im writing this story but dreadlocks is like a doucebag filter, it filters out all the assholes and attracts the open minded people. Everytime im out on the pub people ask about my hair, and mostly, its been really open minded and nice people that wanna know more, or people thats neutral to it and have questions. The questions is pretty much the same all the time. "How did you make them?" "Do you wash your hair? How?" "Do they smell?" Etc.

Now im out of words and i gotta go lol.

Raj Krishnan Nair
03/08/14 04:54:58AM @raj-krishnan-nair:
Good read, very good read.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/08/14 03:52:02AM @soaring-eagle:

oh well tags should be releventto content as they are used for searches to group words together put in "qyites for multiple word tags" the b=new site tagings much easier to understand

03/08/14 03:41:48AM @drs:

1969 is a time I would have loved to live in. If reincarnation is real, I might have lived then. I had a 1969 Gibson J50 acoustic, but sacrificed it for a song. That's another story lol. Bird, was separated from spirit when the site alphabetized the tags. Spirit Bird is a song by Xavier Rudd. It's so beautiful, and my last tattoo were the Kanji symbols Spirit Bird. That song is about modern society destroying everything. It helped keep me out of the hospital.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/08/14 03:21:00AM @soaring-eagle:

not sure u inderstand the tags 1969 and bird lol but great post

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