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At the Salon

user image 2014-03-16
By: Owl Lady
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It has been a long time since my son has had his hair cut. He is 14 years old and a bit OCD about who cuts his hair. He has been seeing the same hair dresser for the past 6 years. His hair was so long I kept asking him if he was going to dread his hair with me however he was not up for that. So last night I brought him to his favorite hair dresser. I really love her, she is so patient with my son and they both crack me up as I listen to their conversations and especially my son's dry British humor. Any ways, she was the first person that said something about my hair and the first person I felt I had to educate. I myself do not even know everything about dreads but I do know from what other people have said to stay away from wax. She told me that I should have back combed and used wax to keep the frizz down...but I honestly don't care about the frizz.

She then went on to tell me a horror story about her brother in law's dreads and how he had went on a camping trip, he returned to having to cut his dreads off because he got lady bugs infested in them. She said that when she cut them they smelled and had dead skin in them and were just super nasty. As horrible as the story was I did not tremble lol I held my head high and thought to myself as horrible as that is for him that will not be me. hahaha It was weird however to be kinda put down by someone who had thinning hair from over dying. That although it was a hair salon and they should care about your hair they did not care about it entirely because blow drying, flat irons and the use of chemicals in it is not good either! As the woman next to me was spraying the crap outa her hair with hair spray making me gag it put things in prospective that I was different. The hairdresser talked me into buying my son some hair gel for his new do and since it was not tested on animals I gave in, she then joked about now I will have to compete for bathroom time now that my son will be doing his hair. I reminded her I am lowmaintenance....and thank God! That whole experience was really an eye opener for me. Although I support my son having free will to make his own choices I do try to push my views on him a little but he is young and I have faith he will learn. I am thankful I am not a high maintenance person and I look forward to defending my dreads :)

Owl Lady
03/16/14 04:27:48PM @owl-lady:

Ya I have no idea ..the convo didn't last to much longer after that. I kinda gave a raised eye brow and got quiet. She came across like she knew it all because she was a hair dresser, I said my part and didn't want to argue. One can only learn if they want to be open to the truth.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/16/14 04:25:00PM @soaring-eagle:

in fact googling lady bug living in hair all you get are ladybug berets ladybug scarves ladybug hair accessories and the fact that ladybugs have hairy legs and thier exoskeletons are made of the same stuff as hair and nails..not 1 single reference to ladybugs living in hair...

your hairdressers a liar

but with all the ladybug hair accessories it seems people will pay alot to make it look like they have ladybugs in thier hair

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/16/14 04:19:50PM @soaring-eagle:

did you tell her his dreads were only nasty cause of the wax?

and ladybugs?

how do ladybugs infest dreads? that doesnt even make sense

when was the last time you saw enough ladybugs in 1 place to qualify as an infestation?

let alone seen them living in hair

let alone not being able to just shake your head and they all fly away

i think shes just making up a story cause that makes no sense at all

ive lived in the wilderness..hundreds of miles from anything 2 hour drive on dirt trails from the nearest paved roads and have never had any problems like that at all

yea she made that all up

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