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My UFO sighting

By Owl Lady, 2014-03-30

My boyfriend and myself were in our back yard admiring fire flies, this is when we walked over to a path we have leading to our chicken coop; my boyfriend noticed in the sky what he thought to be planes. About 100 feet from where we stood we saw 3 red bright lights round in shape. There were two red lights that were clearly separate objects following closely to a much larger object. It flew closer approximately 50 feet above us very fast. When it was above the tree tops we could see them in an opening of the trees. I saw a triangular shaped flying object with a haze around it very large in size with red lights, two separate objects trailing behind it, both were red lights moving in their own paths. The two red lights were flying behind it never beside it. The 3 objects hovered slowly over the tree tops towards the north silently as they flew over our pond we could not see them because of the trees.

nhcanterbury20june13This is the account I wrote to report to MUFON. However because they wanted only the facts I could not express everything that I felt during this sighting. For one I had my camera in my hand and because I was so shaken up I was fumbling around with the buttons. I could not seem to focus my camera because it was so dark out and I didnt want to miss what was going on with my eyes. So I stayed focused and tried to video record what was happening but in the end I just got a black video with the sound. I was really upset about this later because that is usually the first thing people ask; Did you get a picture?

Anyways, There was alot of confusion as to what I was seeing. My mind was trying to comprehend something that it had never seen before. Once we knew we were in fact looking at something that was not of this Earth Damon started to get excited and started calling it over to him. Just as it had come closer when I thought * What is that?* It went away when I thought about my son being in the house and with panic yelled *Dont bring it over here!* There was something telepathic going on. We only saw it for maybe a minute and then it slowly hovered above the trees and to the north. I was pumped with adrenaline and the first person I called was my daughter, my father was next. I posted a Facebook status with out thinking what people were really going to think and say, I just wanted to share what a rare and amazing thing that had just happened. I stayed up that night until 2am just in complete shock. The next day I researched almost all day images of military aircraft. I even wrote a letter to the local paper in hopes someone would debunk my story and say oh military was in the area that night but nothing. I was left with lots of questions. I felt like I was really alone emotionally even though Damon had seen it too, I broke down and cried.

I did correspond with Tadd Buffington from MUFON and a senior engineer for Nasa. We started corresponding in July when I gave him a detailed phone account. By August it was ruled a unknown case. Here is the email he sent me.

Kelly,I was gathering additional research on your case last night and had a feeling you would I had a thought you would contact me. Good timing!

Your sighting is pretty remarkable. It is classified as an Unknown as the official investigation showed no aircraft, balloons, or other devices were in the area.

There were other triangle sightings that night of 6/20/13 in Moscow, Myrtle Beach, SC, Huntington Beach, CA.

Beams of light emitted Three bright lights (one at each point) Large size Ability to hover Ability to make flat turns Silent flight Slow speed Low-altitude flight Sharp turns at high speed Rapid acceleration Colored (glowing) underside Erratic movement Blunt-end-forward movement Detachable lights/objects Shape-shifting Superstructure observed

You are not alone, the triangle object have been recorded since the 1800s. A good book I recommend that shows similar objects is:
Marler, David (2013-06-21). Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation (Kindle Locations 2920-2921). Richard Dolan Press.
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At the Salon

By Owl Lady, 2014-03-16

It has been a long time since my son has had his hair cut. He is 14 years old and a bit OCD about who cuts his hair. He has been seeing the same hair dresser for the past 6 years. His hair was so long I kept asking him if he was going to dread his hair with me however he was not up for that. So last night I brought him to his favorite hair dresser. I really love her, she is so patient with my son and they both crack me up as I listen to their conversations and especially my son's dry British humor. Any ways, she was the first person that said something about my hair and the first person I felt I had to educate. I myself do not even know everything about dreads but I do know from what other people have said to stay away from wax. She told me that I should have back combed and used wax to keep the frizz down...but I honestly don't care about the frizz.

She then went on to tell me a horror story about her brother in law's dreads and how he had went on a camping trip, he returned to having to cut his dreads off because he got lady bugs infested in them. She said that when she cut them they smelled and had dead skin in them and were just super nasty. As horrible as the story was I did not tremble lol I held my head high and thought to myself as horrible as that is for him that will not be me. hahaha It was weird however to be kinda put down by someone who had thinning hair from over dying. That although it was a hair salon and they should care about your hair they did not care about it entirely because blow drying, flat irons and the use of chemicals in it is not good either! As the woman next to me was spraying the crap outa her hair with hair spray making me gag it put things in prospective that I was different. The hairdresser talked me into buying my son some hair gel for his new do and since it was not tested on animals I gave in, she then joked about now I will have to compete for bathroom time now that my son will be doing his hair. I reminded her I am lowmaintenance....and thank God! That whole experience was really an eye opener for me. Although I support my son having free will to make his own choices I do try to push my views on him a little but he is young and I have faith he will learn. I am thankful I am not a high maintenance person and I look forward to defending my dreads :)

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The Sea (Poem) by me

By Owl Lady, 2014-03-15

The Sea brought forth;

a seed within me

placid by the rushing waves

still like the rocks that rest in her path all of their days

along a sand filled shore

I feel the life that moves in me a little more

her glory, her love

her pain, and her rage

yet she will become sacred again today.

All that lives within her needs

creatures from above praise her,

And still she is the greatest mystery.

Her calming voice whispers secrets to me

The Spirit who made her has made me..

The voice becomes prominent as she pulls back

words spoken without a sound

my love I have found

you properate me and make me whole.

A thousand words cannot cover these shores

I am non existent as I face the Sea

She has a power over me

I look at her amongst all her glory

She stares back at me;

Who are you? Let go of your worries!

she proclaims linguistic form to me

you cannot buy peace or solitude it is a cardinal virtue.

My mind wonders off as I think about that thought

It is then that I am brought where the pathway marks the spot

in his arms I move along

shaped by the roots of time

awakened by the dreams that dance in my mind

I am becoming what I set out to be

I realise then that honesty flows deep from my seed

spinning in and out of me

sweet surrender has found his way to me

though the path we walk upon is shaded by the many trees

I feel protection over me

vigorously he walks beside of me

his voice sings love to me

It is now that I have come upon all that was created for me

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God is a Hippie

By Owl Lady, 2014-03-15

So the nightly conversation with my son is about God and other religions (which came up because of our visits from Jehovah witnesses) I tried explaining in my own way the discrepancies of religions which mind you made him more confusedso I ended the conversation with God is all love and wants us to love everyone. He then responds So God is a Hippie LOL my kid cracks me up!

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Lead to dread

By Owl Lady, 1999-11-30

For most people dreads mean you are a dirty hippie and for some people they consider dreads to be nothing more then a "hair style". Before I started this journey I admit I thought the same (well about it being a hairstyle). Here I am a month into dreading my hair, I knew this was going to be a journey as most people call it but I thought it was just going to be about my hair changing into dreads; well that is part of it but there is WAY more to it. As I started to dread I was filled withexcitementand was a bit impatient to start. I started with the no poo method and didn't brush my hair for a few months, as my hair started to section off I assisted it by twisting and ripping. During the process I started to mourn the death of my natural free -loose hair. I never thought that was going to happen. Part of me mourns for myself and part of me mourns for my family that I know are going to have a difficult time understanding why I decided to do this. I know in my heart this is what I need to do however. Letting go of what people think; because honestly I donot think to highly of some people's choices in hair care products esp. ones that test on animals. I have learned that patience and loosing control is a huge part of the dread journey as I try to control these nappy little brats that seem to have a mind of their own; I focus on letting go. I cannot control dreads; they are going to manifest into something I cannot form on my own but my energy each day is put into them and I begin to grow this sort of bond with them. The mourning then turns into a re-birth. I start to let go of the fear of being judged and instead I feel a sort of peace within myself.

This past year has been very difficult for me, I have suffered from chronic pain and have lost a huge part of myself only gaining what appears to be "more of myself" in the physical aspect of gaining weight. I have had to give up lots of physical activities that I have enjoyed my entire life and have replaced them with visits to doctors and specialists. I spenda lotof my time researching. I have grown to love nature even more then I have in my life if that is even possible. Living in the area that I live in has connected me with the earth in a way I never could have imagined. I feel like I am in a different world and at times I swear I am. The weather and climate in the town I live in is different due to the number of trees and natural plants. I am surrounded by trees that have been here long before the buildings the Shakers made. These trees have been around during the time of the Native Americans, a tribe even lived in these parts of the forest. The energy and feeling of life is very surreal here.

When we go into town it is like stepping intocivilization. It is daunting to say the least. I see generations of people who have a lack of respect for our planet, plants and native creatures. People are just consumers of products and things, always wanting more "things"! I am surrounded by a world of humans that are disconnected. They are consumed by their own lives; rude, on cell phonestextingand not making eye contact. Buying, buying, and more buying of crap. Slaves by the corporations around them. Products are filled with cancer causing chemicals, tested on animals and are in plastic bottles ready to pollute theenvironment.

A change within myself and my thinking began long before the dreads came to mind. I stopped buying into these corporate company's lies and started making my own products. I have since seen a huge change in my skin and the way I feel. It all started with cleaning products, then skin care products such as shampoo, facial wash anddeodorant. I recently have been called to change myfeminineproducts. I have realized that these out of all things a woman uses is the most harmful to herself and theenvironment. Tampons and pads have chemical additives and then after being used they end up in land fills and in sewers. This is terrible. Most people don't even give it a second thought. However, once your trash is out of your house you rarely think about it...right?. You may have gotten rid of your trash from your house but it is still in your home. "Home" meaning our planet Earth. Earth is our home.

You maybe thinking what does all this have to do with having dreads? Well, I feel like I am a different person. Different from other people and different from the person I once was. I am born again threw my dreads. They will bring me places with in my soul and I will and have already met very interesting deep people. Someone said in their youtube video quote " Dreads keep small minded people away". I believe this to be true. This is my testimony, and this is just the intro to a novel much bigger.


For all the feathers

Owl Lady

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