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The Sea (Poem) by me

By: Owl Lady
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The Sea brought forth;

a seed within me

placid by the rushing waves

still like the rocks that rest in her path all of their days

along a sand filled shore

I feel the life that moves in me a little more

her glory, her love

her pain, and her rage

yet she will become sacred again today.

All that lives within her needs

creatures from above praise her,

And still she is the greatest mystery.

Her calming voice whispers secrets to me

The Spirit who made her has made me..

The voice becomes prominent as she pulls back

words spoken without a sound

my love I have found

you properate me and make me whole.

A thousand words cannot cover these shores

I am non existent as I face the Sea

She has a power over me

I look at her amongst all her glory

She stares back at me;

Who are you? Let go of your worries!

she proclaims linguistic form to me

you cannot buy peace or solitude it is a cardinal virtue.

My mind wonders off as I think about that thought

It is then that I am brought where the pathway marks the spot

in his arms I move along

shaped by the roots of time

awakened by the dreams that dance in my mind

I am becoming what I set out to be

I realise then that honesty flows deep from my seed

spinning in and out of me

sweet surrender has found his way to me

though the path we walk upon is shaded by the many trees

I feel protection over me

vigorously he walks beside of me

his voice sings love to me

It is now that I have come upon all that was created for me

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