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7 days

By Nogawar, 2012-05-08

I have not brushed my hair in 7 days. :0)

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Summertime. . .

By Nogawar, 2012-05-07

OOOO I'M FREEEEEEEE! Until August, but it's a much needed brain break either way. I've been going strong since the Summer of 2008--every semester since Summer of 20008.

Last week I had the idea that I would not let my bangs dread up with the rest of my head. My bangs have different ideas. They are almost as long as the rest of my hair, so it's a chore to keep them separate. I'm just going to let them go--they will probably dread up the fastest!

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By Stephani, 2012-05-07

That is exactly how many dreads are on my head. I find it truly hilarious that I once heard Johnny Clean claim that a person should have around 100 dreads on their head. My dreads are all smaller then a pencil (except for a few big ones which are my fav's) and there is no way I could have fit 100. Anyway I thought it was funny...

In other news: I am officially finished dreading! I TnR'd my whole head, not including my bangs which are still too short. I am so happy! In a way though I'm mad at myself for having layers put in my head 2 months before I made up my mind to dread. Now my whole top layer is short and I feel like I have a dreadie mullet. Maybe I just need to get my beads back in. Who knows?

I used my dreadlocks shampoo today! I ordered the liquid in dragon's blood and the bar in tea tree rosemary. I was worried that I wouldn't like the dragon's blood because the scent seems so strong, but once it's on and lathered it smells really nice. My dreads smell so good still! I used my tea tree bar on my root and scalp area, and my scalp didn't itch for the first time since I started my dreads. I still used conditioner in my bangs to smooth them down. They wont be long enough to dread for a while anyway.

I did notice that my dreads look less frizzy, and my son felt them while sitting by me and sad my hair was soft. Also, I just walked into my bathroom since showering about 4 hours ago and is still smells awesome in there! Vicki sent me a sample of the locking gel. I haven't tried it in my dreads, but I did put some on my fingers and it left no residue behind so that is great news. :) Has anyone tried the gel?

Oh also, I colored my hair back to my natural color. That way I don't have to deal with having color differences when my hair grows out. I had highlights before this and they has already grown out and the new growth was driving me crazy. I have noticed though, that going from that light back to my natural dark (which I haven't been in SO long) is kind of shocking too. Maybe a little depressing.

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Random Blabbberings- 1 month today!

By christina popejoy, 2012-05-06

Here I am reached the end of my first month! So happy, I'm not gonna lie the first few weeks we're really tough, my insecurities we're trying to eat away at me. I truly didnt realise how much of my identity I found in my image, or should I say the image I constructed. I am on the road to finding my true self again. Away from the fads, fashions and concepts of my culture. This is soooo freeing to me.

I'm begining to not be afraid to show me The Real me to the world.

Its so crazy that growing your hair different and not brushing it could bring so much change to my personality, Maybe its just because to grow dreads you need to learn to be free and learn to drop your worries and stop comparing yourself to what society says how we should act, look, conform ect.

I'm really happy I made this decsion to start this set, and this time the natural way. I can allready see a change in me and my lil hairs and its only been 1 month. Long may this jouney continue!

Thankyou all for your support and replies to my many questions


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Hello super clean hair!! Good bye dr. bronners!

By Lapis Angela Lazuli, 2012-05-05
So I've decided to wash my hair with Dr.b for the second time...And my hair got sticky and cloudy... I don't know why this happened(we have soft water) but I was totally grossed out and fed up!So I got dressed and went to local professional hair care supply store to grab my favorite clarifying shampoo from pravana...After one wash.... My hair felt no longer sticky, and got its color back! My scalp feels good too!! I think this is what I needed... Deeeeep clarifying shampoo!So I have decided on my hair regimenWhich is:Pravana clarifying shampoo(3x per week)Followed byApple cider vinegar rinse with tea tree oil and rosemary(3x per week)Spray mixture of sea salt, honey, lemon, lavender and chamomile tea few hours before wash.And let it knot up!!!!I'm so happy my hair finally feels 100% residue free and clean.
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Maintaining Platinum Blonde Dreads

By Joelle2, 2012-05-05

Hi everyone! I am attempting to dread my hair for the second time. The first time I tried was about 6 years ago and I used wax. They were like little candles so after a month I combed them out and gave up.

I went to a friend of a friend at a salon who backcombed them for me - I am a teacher in a NYC school so I need to have them manicured at all times! I am 7 weeks in and they are starting to smooth out and are tightening every day! I'm really pleased with the progress.

HOWEVER, I started with my hair bleached platinum blonde, and slowly, some spots of my hair are turning GRAY! It's gross! I wash my hair 1-2 times a week and do not put any product in it (other than lemon juice occasionally) - I don't know what could be causing parts of my hair to fade and change colors. Has anyone else had this problem?

I am getting the roots re-bleached this week, but I was hoping to avoid bleaching everything again!

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new dreads

By derek windle, 2012-05-05

ok so my hair is like 3 inches long, and i want to do dreads. I'd always heard you should start from bald, but really have NO idea what the best method for dreading is. Is there someone out there that can help me out with some info, or someone in new hampshire that can dread them for me (for a fee of course)...hook me up! I'm a reggae singer and it's time to dread


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MAY 4TH 2012

By Lapis Angela Lazuli, 2012-05-04
Ahhh its been 5 weeks and 3 days since I started my dreadlock journey.Thanks to my hair being super short, I can't really tell if my hair is progressing or not :/I have naturally curly hair(50% Japanese 50% Black), but thin, fine, and dry naturally... But I have oily scalp lol. I have the weirdest hair!I'll say 40% have came undone(tnr method), but I'm fine with that. I will not be re twisting or tnr my hair. Just letting the nature do its thing :)I don't know how fast my hair will dread tho...Since I have curly and dry hair I'm think it'll dread pretty fast.But on the other hand, my scalp is oily, and my hair is fine, and thin.Well, we shall see!It's so interesting to see the progress tho... My hair looks nothing like what I had started with(comb twist... Which wasn't a great method for me).Anyways, I'll be updating at 2 months :)
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Pre-summer insanity...

By Jon Danner, 2012-05-04

Well guys, I am about worn out. My girlfriend and I have been getting ready for the epic trekking to begin again and a LOT of work went into it this time. For those of you who don't know, we spent 8 months out of the last year tramping across the country, riding on our thumbs (hitchin'). We covered almost the whole country and made it almost 20k miles before we stopped in March to work on a van that we bought.

Jesus, that van. We bought a 1979 Chevy Trans Van for $1000 in St. Petersburg, FL, drove it to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and then to Oklahoma to fix it up. It's a piece of work. Needed a TON of interior TLC. Stripped it down to the bare floors and beyond. Been working on it non-stop ever since. Today I just got the new paneling up for the walls, so next week I can start the install on the futon and table, plus storage space. It's been causing a lot of stress, to say the least. Freakin' bureaucracy is just crazy in this country. Titles, fees, registration, insurance...have this paperwork, that form, fill out this paper, stand in that line, go over here. And we wonder why people go crazy. I'm not there yet, but my patience is being tested.

On top of that, we just opened up a new shop for our jewelry over on Etsy (The Hippie Hempworks) and have been killing ourselves making new pieces to sell at all the festivals we'll be hitting. I have photos up on my page of some of our stuff. I'm really excited about the new Tokewear. I'm hoping we'll be able to do well with those. If they'll sell well anywhere, they'll sell well at festivals! We have about 40 pieces done and want to make about 50 more before we hit the road. First on the list is Sasquatch, up in George, WA. Then we're turning around and coming back to Red Rocks, CO to catch Bassnectar on June 1st. After that, a quick jaunt to Bonnaroo in Tennessee, up to Rothbury for Electric Forest, then on to the National Rainbow Gathering. Once all that is done, it's on to All Good in Ohio and then we're planning on heading to Alaska for a couple of months. We might not make it that far this year, but if we have to settle for trim jobs in NorCal...oh darn, that would break my poor little heart. :D

We're doing all of this on a shoestring budget and we're just hoping that we can sell enough at each stop to pay for the gas to get to the next stop. If not, well....we might just have to ditch a van and go back to thumbing it. Not giving up on our plans though...too much awesomeness packed into one summer to give up on it. We had annual salaries last year of less than $5k...combined. I'm not even sure how we managed it and this year we might be lucky to clear another $5k, but we'll keep going. Money isn't as hard to live without once you stop wanting stuff, but having some more of it sure would make things easier sometimes! :D

On the dread front, the locks are looking good and I just started working on some new burnt bamboo wood beads to pass out to the dreadies I see along the road! The first one came out pretty well, so I'll be making more shortly. Peyote stitching for cuffs is still on my list of things to do...if I can ever find the time!

Truthfully, there wasn't much reason for this post outside of a need to purge. I'm worn out, sore, and hungry. At least I can take care of one of those right now. So until next time, be good to each other and love each other. May the Light of the Universe shine on each and every one of you!

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7 months

By Piawacket neurotic helms, 2012-05-03

My first set of locks were an epic fail whale. My first mistake was not to research a little longer, so I jumped the gun after seeing the dreadheadhq site. yeah, I know a lot of you are tutt-tutting and shaking your head. Used the shampoo and the dread wax, double no no!! In the begining i wasn't too thrilled with the wax it weighed my hair down and left me feeling icking. After the second attempt I gave up and went wax free. Took a good couple of months just to get the 2 uses of wax out. After the horibble sponginess of the wax was gone I decided to try and speed things up like any other newbie yet again adding to the epic fail. My dreads being only roughly 6 inches long and three months old I decide to add extentsions. Being a stylist I did all the work myself, the three days to add 12 inch fake extentsions felt amazing to begin with, All the beuatiful colors, the lentgh I could do anything. But as I stumbled upon the dreadlocksite I realized I was missing out. My locks weren't a part of me like real timely locks were. Mine were heavy, stiff, and lifeless. I'd mised the journey of descovering, loops and knotts and watching as my babies grew and matured. The fake hair was not a part of me, They weren't me. I was fake.Ashamed of my locks I ripped out the extentsions, combed out my dreads and started again. Two days from today, will be my 7 months dreading bypassing my first set of fake6months locs. My journey so farhas had a few bumps, a couple of dirty hippie has been thrown around. But I'm Happy. I feel free to be myself. My locks are every bit a part of me as the air in my lungs, they are my super power to see the world in a new way. Me in a new light. I don't have to be like everyone else always changing trying to keep up with the new fade. More confident, ambivilent, all together Happy.

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