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Getting back to life

user image 2012-05-13
By: Sussi
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I can't believe it's already been a 1/2 year since I started my dreads. I want to share some very personal experinces with you on my journey that I have not mentioned earlier.

If you have read my first blog post you'll already know that dreading hit me on the head hard and that it took less than 24 hours from the time I even considered dreads to when I started them. It was instant love for me and truly a part of a new beginning in my life.

The same week that I decided to start my dreads I also started a green rehab program that lasted for 3 months. For almost a year prior to that a burnout and a very deep depression had kept me almost isolated from the world. When I was finally able to seek help I met 3 wonderful women (a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a physical therapist) who helped me return to life and helped me get into the rehab program.

I loved every minute of the 3 months. 4 hours a day, 4 days a week we spent time in the woods observing nature and we created beautiful things with what nature provided for us. A lot of the rehab was about acceptance and mindfulness, we started and ended every day with being aware and accepting our bodies and minds.

I am sure that my hair helped me on this journey of acceptance. From day 1 it made me happy and I felt close to nature in a similar way I used to feel when I was a kid. My hair made me feel special, strong, and proud. It empowered me!

The journey continues for me and now I've been workin half-time for 2 months. I love ever second of it and I meet alot of different people every day. Not once have my hair been an issue and I'm grateful for that. If anything it gives me more credit as I'm working in a creative role and I believe dreads do express creativity. :-)

I have my ups and downs regarding my hair just as most people do, but on the whole I love it and I can't imagine ever giving up on my dreads. They mean so much to me, much more than just another hair-do. They are a symbol of me getting back to life and health and happiness.

This photo was taken in January, 2,5 months into my dread journey and a week before my rehab program was completed. During December andJanuarywe had a few bad storms and several trees fell. We used the wood from these trees to make brooms. This is the broom I made.

05/14/12 01:55:49PM @sussi:

Haha Rebecca, it does have somethig witchie about it.

05/14/12 01:50:31PM @sussi:

Valrie, I'm really happy to be able to inspire. I think all people have ups and downs, the important thing is to get help if the downs become too deep. Now that I'm much better than I was a year ago it's important for me to be open about what happened to me when i burned out. When I tell my story almost everyone has a story of their own to tell.

Good luck with your new diet and your journey to a healthier life! :-)

05/14/12 01:36:45PM @valrie:

I agree with the others, this post is very inspirational and I thank you for sharing something so personal. I too have my ups and downs and especially lately, having a lot of self-doubt. I think that when I started my dreads that it was a good time because I changed my diet and am working on small milestones towards a healthier life.

Good on you and your own journey! Your hearth broom looks beautiful!!

05/14/12 01:29:09PM @sussi:

Aww Tara, I'm glad I can inspire you. Stay strong!

Tara C
05/13/12 10:04:42PM @tara-c:

I'm often in a bad place in my life at the moment, emotionally/mentally, so reading this was really inspiring and made me feel happy and reminded me to be more positive, so thank you for sharing this :)

05/13/12 03:01:32PM @sussi:

Thanks for reading, it was a long post. :-)

05/13/12 11:10:43AM @ixchel:

beautiful story, thank you for sharing!

James Turk
05/13/12 08:06:54AM @james-turk:

That's awesome!!! Good for you!Very inspirational!

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