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user image 2012-05-14
By: Stephani
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So far so good. I'm almost at the 4 week mark and a majority of my family have seen my dreads. Everyone likes them, it's shocking to me lol! Yesterday my MOM even told me they looked pretty, and she MEANT it!! HAHA. She even wants me to grow them super long! This is such a big change from where we started at, but I think she knows that this wasn't just a spur of the moment decision for me. I think she can finally respect my decision, and she even likes it. I wasn't expecting her to warm up to my dreads so fast, but I'm glad she did.

In other news, I have a dread on the right side of my head that is trying to split and it's kind of starting to pull so I'm going to comb it out and separate it into two. I hope that will help it because it's hurting my head as it is.

Sorry this was a short little update. I hope all the mama's out there had a fantastic Mother's Day.

Oh, also I'm still working on editing my other video, I had zero time yesterday. I will try to work on it tonight after work. May not be loaded until tomorrow or Wednesday though.

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