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dreadlocks shampoo
Lapis Angela Lazuli


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they are coming along just fine :)

user image 2012-05-11
By: Lapis Angela Lazuli
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I am very excited about my hair, day by day.After I got rid of the residue that was built up in my hair, my hair has been so much better! They seems to be getting fuzzy and frizzy :)And I know that I have about 17 babies(give or take), and they aren't going anywhere! Some parts of my hair seems like they are trying to section themselves together which is wonderful!I know that my hair is short, but I see some progress and I am just so excited and happy :)After I am able to get the dreadlocks shampoo, I am thinking about coloring my hair either copper red or cherry red :) maybe I'll wait till majority of my hair is dreaded, so I can color the tips one by one, and with few different colors :)Anyways, good night world...
Lapis Angela Lazuli
05/12/12 01:13:08AM @lapis-angela-lazuli:
Thanks!! I'm excited my hair is going to be in few months :)

Tara C
05/12/12 12:47:46AM @tara-c:

Yeah, I dyed the tips of mine red :) glad you're seeing progress and enjoying it.

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