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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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I thought alot of people talked about my dreads but today I found the truth

user image 2012-05-12
By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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So we spent the day at the beach today walking the boardwalk and of course about 25 people asked about my dreads. Our friend Rachel was with us but walking bout 20 feet behind us... So when we were all chilling in te shade she said "I see a lot of people ask about your dreads does that happen all,the time?" I said yea usually...then she surprised me and said "u know is not just the ones that talk to u..... Every single person that walked by you was talking about your dreads...I'd hear them saying stuff like that must have taken 80 years to grow or wow did you see that guys dreads"I guess it's more then just the ones I hear commentingI.ll have pics from the trip when,I gets home
Valentin the Jellyfish
05/14/12 12:08:06AM @valentin-the-jellyfish:

haha thats awesome. I think its funny, weird and weird but cool how i get comments like "Nice dreads." and "I love your dreads" because i have had long hair (long enough to put in a ponytail) for 5 years now and the 4 years before i decided to dread people would say "Nice hair" and what not. So ive gotten so use to people saying "hair."

And since i see myself in a mirror everyday in my bathroom i dont really notice my progress that much unless i really look. So when people say "Nice dreads." it kinda catches me off guard cuz i dont really see them as dreads yet hahaha.

(and if you want to see my hair now, my profile pic was taken about 3 weeks ago)

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