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my poem

By amanda young, 2012-06-10

i sit here in the night, trying to realine my life,

not just fill one side but both with love n light,

i want my light inside to shine so bright,

it will run from scalp to the end of my dreads,

an shine like rays of sun after a rainy night

,when u pass by me an i smile

i hope u feel a warm vibe from inside an u pass it on for miles n miles...

a poem written by yours truly Amanda Young

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new dreads+blow drying=less knotting:(

By Sook Ki, 2012-06-10

so i should have just waited and washed my hair in the morning, but i couldnt help it, i felt so dirty after coming back from having car wash the whole day! so my decision was to was blow dry my 1 week old natural dreads, (well becoming dreads) and what a mistake:( i woke up this morning, and my hair is still a little damp, and less knotted. i feel as though the blow dryer detangled my hair a little and made it smooth. though my hair is stillseparatedand still feels hard but still, i feel like a lost some process:( oh well, im sure the loose hair will find its way back to where its suppose to be, until then, just got to be patient, patient, patient!

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I'm a newbie

By Ghosst36, 2012-06-09

Hey, im new to the site but not to locks. Ive had my locks for 2 years now. I love em and i wouldnt change it for the world. its nice to see all of you on here.Just thought Id say whats up.

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New books

By Baba Fats, 2012-06-08

So I posted a series of pics of my library a few days ago and since then I have been getting tons of recommendations of others to read. I don't remember them all so I decided to start a blog of authors and books I should look into. If you think of any let me know. I love anything sciencey, and I love sci-fi.fantasy. Iespeciallylike Dystopias. But I think my collection of them is pretty good.

Here's what I remember people recommending so far:

Mervyn Peake

Tom Robbins

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some sweet words

By Ixchel, 2012-06-08

a girl i went to high school with posted this on my fb today & it really brightened me up when I needed it most. she put it wonderfully.

"you remind me of a butterfly. You have gone through so many beautiful stages of metamorphosis! "

just made my day :)

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why grow dreads naturally?

By Alejandro, 2012-06-08

I'm 9 weeks into my dreadlock expiriance and a couple of locks of hair in the back are starting to dread at the tips. Its pretty interesting how the strands of hair are all jumbled up and locked together and slowly locking its way up to my scalp. Lil by lil the rest will begin to catch, lock and grow and I look forward to seeing the end result.

But seeing the beginning stages of my locks really shows that this isn't something u rush into and go to a hair salon and get done. This is something you must grow into and it into you. Its an expiriance that must be lived to truly understand and apriciate the dreadlock itself. Their is many different lessons of life that can be learned from an eperiance like this. Even though Im only beginning this journey, I can already see the long lasting benafits of this transformation.

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dear folks

By Pixy, 2012-06-08

i am already getting a loopy

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By Outoftheloop, 2012-06-08

About a week ago I posted on how i cut my twists - these days Im really wishing I hadnt done that! What a waste....

So I'm growing my hair for another try, and I will certainly try to stick with it.

in other news, I was recently arrested for Driving while impaired(long story), the police stole 300 dollars from me like fucking dicks! And I gave up my car today, I dontreallyneed it, will miss it tho, its doom was coming anyway.

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do i boil everything?

By Sook Ki, 2012-06-07

hmmm so im hearing a lot of ways to change hard water to soft water, including boiling or distilling the water while mixing the shampoo or baking soda, but my question is do i only have to boil the water that im going to mix in with my soap, or i have to boil every single water that i would have to use on my hair, including rinsing?

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Second Month Update

By Dee4, 2012-06-07

So my dreads are going to be two months in a few days the ninth to be exact. Started washing with acv/bs and my head feels so fresh and so clean clean :). I love them so much mostly my sides have locked pretty well the lower part of the head in the back is a little loose. I am not sweating it to much just letting nature take it course. I live in a very small border town maybe 400-500 residents and next town is about 1000 residents. People are starting to notice my dreadsand have been asking question or wanting to touch themno doubt I recommend them to this site and give some little info I have learned from here. Hopefully one day there will be more of my townies with dreads that would be so awsome so far one guy is intrested and is letting his hair grow. Well it is time for me to end this blog I have a weeding to attend this weekend and need to pack. I promise I will upload photos very soon. Thank you for reading and catch you all later on.

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