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same day and I got the okay ;)

user image 2012-06-12
By: Amanda12
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So out of the blue I said to my husband "how do feel about dreadlocks" he said "THEY'RE GAY" and I said "really cause Im never brushing my hair again" and he said "DOIT! DOIT! DOIT!" I think he thought I was going to ask him to! Lol <3 a weight lifted off my shoulders! His is the only oppinion that I care at all about. Im so excited. I see people in the world and think they should totally have dreads! That how I know I am ready. This will be epic I hope it cures me from being vain and and caring how I look at the same time, I can already feel my world and life views changing. Man, I thought I was a hippy before... Its nice to have something to look forward to and to love and enjoy :) Im giddy like a school girl. Its like a new toy!

06/13/12 10:26:13AM @amanda12:

Tied up in knots I think my husband will be the same way. :)

06/13/12 10:22:05AM @amanda12:

Im glad to read all of your comments! I am so excited. He didnt mean gay life happy or homosexual, it has somewhat of a different meaning to him. I used to get angry that he said it (Im all for equality) but its just a habit and he means nothing by it. I thought about telling the story without quotes so people wouldn't be offended but I wanted it to be real and I wanted to be able to look back someday and remember how he said it.

ps I might just convince him to get dreads too by May 2017 when he no longer is forced in to a high and tight!

pps (sorry I cant stop chatting) but last night I had an epiphany! When did I start brushing my hair and for who? GRANDMA! She wouldnt have me leave the house with a "rats nest" lol! But I never liked to brush my hair, even in my adult life I can go weeks!

Baba Fats
06/13/12 07:12:11AM @baba-fats:

That's what I thought too, Eagle, but he did seem excited about her getting them. But I agree. I hate when people use that term in a derogatory way

Tara C
06/12/12 10:51:24PM @tara-c:

I love the excitement in this, it's clear how much you're looking forward to it and that's beautiful :) dreading definitely alters the way you feel or see things in a lotta of cases, sometimes unexpectedly.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/12/12 10:14:24PM @soaring-eagle:

ok i just gotta say if he uses the term gay that way maybe he should dread and alter his perspective too

unless he meant it properly as in dreads make you happy but somehow i doubt he meant it that way

Baba Fats
06/12/12 09:54:20PM @baba-fats:

Ha! Waking up and seeing how they have changed every day is like getting a new present on christmas morning. I never celebrated, but it's how I think I'd feel :)

Go for it. Growing locks really changes your outlook. Especiallyif you go natural. It's a wonderful growing experience, and it's nice to have someone who will support your decision. Good luck

Tied up in knots
06/12/12 09:40:24PM @tied-up-in-knots:

Ha. My husband tells me that my hair has started to look "really insane" lately but other than that he doesn't really care or say anything about my dreads.

If you think you are happy now, just you wait. Dreading is fantastic. My only problem is that it may have made me a little more vain than I used to be. I just can't help it. I think I look better than I ever have. I actually think I look beautiful. I never did before.

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