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user image 2012-06-13
By: ashley walker
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Hello out there, i don't usually have very great intro's but I've had an odd week. Sort of in a little funk but, I'm sure there will be a better outcome anyways. I've just had some criticism lately but i was bracing myself for it anyways. I just think it's so weird how judgmental and strait forward people can be, because I'm not like that at all. i never really put myself around people like that. But the past week Ive been surrounded with people like that and it's just sort of frustrating because of the lack of interest for someones person rather than their appearance. All of the ridicule just happens to be when my dreads are shrinking too. I'm totally fine with all of my my phases of dreading but I'm just more comfortable with long hair. I'm just baffled and need a little vacation or something. I hope my hair starts growing soon though, it used to be down my back now it's just a bit lower than my shoulders. but I've just been letting my hair go wild and free and hopefully i can do the same.

06/18/12 08:52:45PM @devon:

It really is sad that you've gotten that reaction from people... I'd actually advise someone going through this to do the opposite of ignore thecriticismand snide remarks; pay attention to them, accept them, and learn from them. A negative person has been through negative situations and reacts to them as such, and so responding to these people in a careful and accepting manner not only expresses your personal inner peace, but would hopefully come across to the offending individuals in a positive light. Stay strong! And my dreads have just stopped the shrinking stage at their one year mark.. It's quite the process.

ashley walker
06/13/12 04:31:27PM @ashley-walker:

i will ignore it. It's just hard when its the topic of the conversation

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/13/12 02:49:29PM @soaring-eagle:

it will take some time to grow but dont worry it will

just ignore all ignorance

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