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Location: Hampshire
Country: GB

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2013 - wet dreads
2013 - wet dreads


11/24/12 10:34:19PM @naturaldreads01:
I like what you said about the belief system situation.. I agree.. I personally have always said that it seems to me that every religion/belief system is one piece to an overall picture.

Becsley Q Penguinface
08/15/12 09:16:57PM @becsley-q-penguinface:

Thanks for the welcome! I can't wait to get more in but I'm gathering all the info I can before jumping right in. And seeking out my two dreaddie friends for their advice. Best of luck to you too man x Peace!

Steff A Roo
07/09/12 11:17:23AM @steff-a-roo:

P.S. Your rottie is a beaut! Used to have a big old rottie called Bear. Now I have a black lab called Zen.

Steff A Roo
07/09/12 11:16:05AM @steff-a-roo:

Hi BlasphemyBlack. Thanks for your friendship on here. I see you're from Hampshire, I'm from Berkshire! Not far from you.

Looking forward to seeing your neglect dreads progress :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/09/12 11:44:46AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome and thnx for donating start by reading the dreaducartion page and read up on the methods

04/22/11 02:33:59AM @sarah-dunn:
Friends for life. ")

william selfridge
04/18/11 09:36:26AM @brina:

A week old !! just babies, i remember my first weeks, lool not gunna lie i despised them !! but it's all okay now.

Wonderful to meet you

Chloe Alexandra
04/08/11 05:31:29PM @chris-taylor:
thank you for the friendship brother.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/01/11 04:14:42PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome wax is horible in dreads since yiour 1 weeek in u should comb them out remove all traces of wax and starrtt over

are u black or white locking gels a scam too unless yoir blacklk u want to use nothing if yoir black u want gel or better yet shae or aloe as moisture but not to hold

anything that holds prevents knotting

get the wax out and they dread right up

04/22/11 02:33:59AM @sarah-dunn:
Friends for life. ")

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