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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Hampshire
Country: GB


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.... A little while later........

By BlasphemyBlack, 2012-07-16

so after about a month of neglect ive taken some of my natural sections and twist and ripped some more dreads into the underside of my hair. not particularly neatly or tighly, more as just a rough guide!! will gradualy work my way up my head and then leave it the hell alone!!!

here it goes.....

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and so it begins.. kinda!!

By BlasphemyBlack, 2012-06-12

so i have the Tip o my Tippy Toe in the water of this dreading shindig!!! 1 TnR dread behind my ear..... purely out of curiosity!!! maybe its a little lame but i thought id start somewhere!! lol think i may name it and keep it as a pet for a bit! >.< i am only joking of course. jus thought id take a test run at it!!

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