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dreadlocks shampoo
Steff A Roo


Location: Berkshire
Country: GB


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07/29/12 11:54:26AM @mamakittylove:

Thank you for the add (:

07/10/12 03:45:02PM @blasphemyblack:

hey. yeah my rottie is my baby big time. they are the biggest teddy bears!!

will put some pics up soon. thnk im gona TnR a few jus where ive got layers an thingsgoing on!


Tara C
06/09/12 03:41:20PM @tara-c:

Thanks for the friend request :) hope all is well with you.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/07/12 11:36:12AM @soaring-eagle:

denise iesha alice shannon
04/22/11 01:56:49AM @cindy-lillemo:
Hi! Haven't heard from you...are you okay? I sent you a message...if I don't hear from you soon I will assume you don't want the tam afterall :(

denise iesha alice shannon
04/10/11 01:47:45AM @cindy-lillemo:
About halfway done! It is looking great! :)

Daniela Martinez
04/05/11 10:50:33PM @erin-scherer:
Greetings my new found friend

denise iesha alice shannon
04/05/11 12:19:12PM @cindy-lillemo:
Hey! Heading to the yarn store today...wanted to see what is available for a variation...will send a picture when I get back :) Excited to begin work on your tam!

denise iesha alice shannon
04/03/11 11:09:39PM @cindy-lillemo:
I have 2 such yarns you may like...I can send a pic tomorrow so you can just want those 2? Nothing else? How about a variation on one of those? Like a darker or lighter shade of orange or teal? No problem if not, just a suggestion :)

denise iesha alice shannon
04/03/11 01:31:34PM @cindy-lillemo:
Okay, with the teal and you want one color more than the other or do you care and with the you want it a bright teal or a darker color? I have a turquoise, but you said teal. :)

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