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02/09/12 01:31:02PM
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Fighting the "good" fight!

Life Issues Facing Dreads

What do you mean wear your scarf thin?I'm a teacher in a private school, no one seems to care about my dreads. The kids love them.
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02/05/12 04:43:44PM
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help with my mom

Introduce Yourself

I'm a parent... with dreads. My kids are proud of them lol. It's not that parents have poor attitudes, its *people* can have poor attitudes. The only difference is a parent *thinks* they have to try and protect you from harm and criticism, and sometimes end up being far more critical in their efforts to protect you from strangers. Try not to give up on humanity for the flaws of the weak or unenlightened. :)Also, the quickest way to lose someone's support is to put them on the defensive. xo
02/05/12 04:34:00PM
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General Questions

i really like you baba lolJasper, if you have a hard time verbalizing what you said, you could just show her your posting, it's well thought out and respectful. :) And the others are right, only she can choose how she'll respond. And her response says more about her than about you. I say this as a mother :) It's hard to let your kids do what you think isn't good for them. But that's our job once they are old enough to live with the consequences. That said, she may decide that she cant live with dreads, or live with dreads supportively and you may have to make other choices.
02/04/12 01:40:49AM
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People its finally happening!!!!!

General Questions

avoid wide flat sections, i have a C shaped section along my hairline by one ear-i don't like that one much.
02/04/12 01:15:25AM
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what to do about "cowlicks" ?

Dread Maintenance

Isnt that like the center of the spiral on the top/back of your head? My hair naturally falls away from that as well and so I let those be sections around that but as they locked up I found that to be irritating and overly sensitive so I grabbed one on each side and joined them. It'll be a fatty but at least that weird hole and sensation is gone :)
02/03/12 02:07:44AM
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retwisting dreads locs dangers

Help! Save My Dreads

Maybe I don't have a good picture. But this to me doesn't look like alopecia, it looks like severe breakage. And if that's the case, they will regrow, the only question is will the regrowth happen fast enough to save the existing dreads.
01/27/12 01:15:42PM
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UPDATE: I may be sick.

Dreads and Diets

That is so awesome! You know, I have a friend from Korea and she said it is so interesting how we mistreat ourselves with food. The way she was raised all food was preventative medicine :) Sugar is like poison. And it is so true, if you are eating 100% healthy its pretty hard to be overweight. I really should follow this advice ;)
01/26/12 05:18:31PM
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would you cut your dreads for a million dollars? (very serious and real question)

General Talk

I wouldn't worry about it. They're not forcing you to accept it. It's pretty simple. It's not a free will gift. They want to take care of you as if you were a minor (before you were in charge of your life). You know, back when there were conditions lol. So either accept that you have conditional wealth and the freedom that comes with not having to work but your "work" will be their conditions. Or don't. Say no, live your life with your own conditions. Because face it, you make your own conditions, they just are different than your folks. I wouldn't under any circumstances accept the money if you're gonna resent the "job requirements" that go with it. :)
01/26/12 03:38:47AM
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First BS and ACV wash, and just a general update of dreadies, check it n tell me wat ya think

General Talk

Lol something tells me you don't really need a lot of help to relax :) Your hair looks great, and your smile still does as well. Can't wait to watch those locs form. What a great idea having friends pick out your beads and the locs they go on! Love that!
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