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Most interesting thing your hair's gotten stuck to

5 years ago
28 posts

So if you're anything like me then your hair doesn't just like to get stuck to other hair but also things that aren't attached to you so I'm wondering what's the weirdest place you've got your dreads stuck on?

Personally I've gotten my hair stuck to tv remotes, car doors, car windows, buttons, zippers, the headstock of a cheap classical guitar (one of the one's with the cheap tuning pegs that have all sorts of holes and edges to get stuck on) (that was a scary one), cymbal stands, xbox controllers, earphones (countless times) trees, (not only painful but so easy to do) knives, forks, (I eat like a caveman) hats, tool handles, velcro, other people (I think), pegs, and dvd cases as well as a bunch of other things probably.

That's all in one year so I'm wondering what some you who've had your dreads for way longer have become involuntarily attached to

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,417 posts

keyring my shoes

umm mugwort in the 1st year grows as huge leaves but in the 2nd year grows as a tall stock with thousands of prickly seed balls on it 1 time at chuckstock we pulled into the meadow to p[ark i dropped something out of the car i leaned out to pick it up and when i sat back up all my dreads were fused into 1 mass covered with thousands of these prickly balls making it 1 huge prickly mega dread

it took 12 hours to get them all seperated 48 more to pick oput all the pricklies (mostly caise we were camping in a feild of them so was constantly getting more new ones as i picked out the old ones)

oh..took all 28 of my peircings out cause dreads loved to attach to them

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

My zip mostly, and also a thorny bush that my mum parks the car too close to for some ridiculous reason. Besides that they're pretty well-behaved in that aspect.

Dreadfully Colorful
5 years ago
1 posts

Mine get stuck in the classic necklace clasp, my upper ear piercing, my gauges, my bedroom door jamb (there's a little sliver that sticks out and without fail I do this at least once a day), once on my husbands dermals (which was terrifying yet hilarious as the dermals were on his chest), velcro is my mortal enemy, bushes when hiking, my little sister caught her bracelet in them lol, sweater zippers, and that's probably most of them :)

Kelsi Kirby
5 years ago
5 posts

my hair is pretty short so it doesnt get stuck on too much. but when i go hiking i come home with a trees worth of sticks in my hair. :3

Laura Earle
5 years ago
233 posts

The back of one of my bra about awkward. /facepalm

la Renarde
5 years ago
54 posts

My dreads get stuck in trees all the time. And since we mostly have conifers here, this is not really enjoyable. I always come home with needles in my hair, or little branches. I also live by the beach, so everything lying on it may get caught in my hair. Like dry algae, bird feathers, shells and more branches. I always get stuck in my husband's beard. In his glasses, or in mine. In my necklace too. Now I'm just waiting for my cat's claws to get stuck in it. This will certainly happen soon haha

5 years ago
80 posts

My pomeranian's nails and my watch claps. I need a new watch.

5 years ago
1 posts

Just recently, my boyfriend went to lean in for a kiss (mind you, we were in front of a busy restaurant)..

He put his arm around me and we locked lips. Then, he turns to walk away and yanks me by like three of my dreads. As I'm nearly pulling myself up off the ground, I realize it was his steel bracelet. When he finally got me unstuck I told him, "New rule... Never wear that thing if you plan on touching me. Ouuuuch!"

It really was a funny couple of minutes though. :-P


5 years ago
46 posts

You know those fly ribbons that hang from the ceiling? As I pulled it down out of the tube, it grabbed my dreads! It continued to unspin from the container and sucked me in. :/

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