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Most interesting thing your hair's gotten stuck to

5 years ago
28 posts

These are all great, I get the feeling I'd be laughing uncontrollably if I was getting sucked into a fly ribbon and SE, mugwort sounds like a pain. One time I was was walking and being 17 I had my head down looking at my phone or something and didn't see the tree branch sitting perfectly at head height I was walking straight into, It ran straight along my scalp grabbing a firm grip of any hair it could. Needless to say I was stuck for a while.

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5 years ago
174 posts

If there is velcro around, my hair will be in it. Ive come to hate velcro! As for other things; trees, pen caps (while writing in class), glasses, my earrings (took em out - ears were pierced 3x each), the back clasps of my bra, and probably the most interesting and scary was my friends nose ring LOL OH! and for some reason when i sleep, I will wake up to my kitty laying on my dreads, kneading them, and sometimes her claws get stuck O_O

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