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tinkerbell the rainbow fairy


Location: never never land
Country: GB

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Angel of Jah
03/07/11 06:44:19AM @angel-of-jah:
Greetings Pixi Fairy, loving that special name, so airy and bright, i have been locks for five years now, but Rasta has always been in my heart, the world is not easy to live by the faith, but all teachings are good for the soul, when and if i stray from the apth of righteousness i ask Jah for more strength.I am not around too much as i do not like top spend too much time on line, but whenever i am around i shall look in, May the rainbow shine on iternal

happy hippie
07/22/10 07:31:50AM @happy-hippie:
hi there tinkerbell the rainbow fairy just stoppin by have a great day

06/26/10 08:52:24PM @spacemantravis:
thx for adding me jus started my dreads four days ago will be tomorrow

Island Mamma
06/11/10 04:15:00PM @island-mamma:
Just dropping by to say hi Tink...Hi Tink :)

05/12/10 04:42:44AM @mogwie:
Nice page! were abouts do you live?

patrice cailhavel
05/10/10 11:39:41AM @patrice-cailhavel:

04/29/10 04:41:50AM @amethyst:
thank you for the add beautiful sista!

Island Mamma
04/29/10 03:27:06AM @island-mamma:
Your profile is as colorful and lively as I am sure you are, looking forward to seeing you around the site :)

hippie mama
04/26/10 10:44:04AM @hippie-mama:
thanks so much for the beautiful comment.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/23/10 01:01:59PM @soaring-eagle:
rainbow love

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