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Dreadlocks nightmare!

By Tied up in knots, 2012-06-20

One of my dreads fell completely off of my head and when I looked at it it was hollow but completely filled with slime and soap bubbles. I almost puked and started crying. Then I cut them all off because I suddenly noticed they were all disgusting and smelly.

I have never been so happy to wake up.

I don't know why but this dream was so much worse than when I used to dream about losing my hair or teeth in the past. I've had those nightmares my whole life and never really had too much of a problem but waking up today I just felt completely sick physically and emotionally until I felt my hair and realized it was just a dream. A really, really, bad dream.

I hope I never have that dream again. At least I know it will never be a reality. If I wasn't terrified of wax and products before...I certainly am now!

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Even Futurama knows twisting dreads is bad!

By Tied up in knots, 2012-06-17
There is a character on the cartoon named Hermes who is a dreadlocked Rastafarian. During a moment of frustration with the robot he says"That Bender really twists my dreads!"I found it far too amusing. I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm nuts but I just had to share it. Just one more reason for me to love the show.
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Blunted tips

By Tied up in knots, 2012-05-23

It seems my hair was listening to me when I said I didn't want blunted tips. And it decided to teach me a lesson.

A quarter of my dreads have blunted themselves at the tip. All of my fatties and a good batch of skinnies. Some of them have just folded themselves right in half. Still more are very thick or paddle-y with skinny little rat tails hanging off of them.

And I love it. It's ridiculous. I have found the beauty in the blunted tips.

I promised myself that once I tnr'd I wouldn't do anything else to prevent my hair from doing what it wanted beyond separating. I didn't want blunted tips or paddles but I was committed to the journey and letting my hair do it's thing. Well my hair wanted paddles and blunt tips and apparently so did I.

Good life lesson there. I will continue going with the flow and let go of my expectations. The universe will give me what I need if not what I think I want.

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By Tied up in knots, 2012-03-02

Received 3 compliments on my hair today. My hair was tied up but I had beads showing and some of the dreads were loose and kind of sticking out a bit. And the loops were doing their thing of course...

The first compliment came from my 72 year old coworker...I was floored. She has no idea that I've done anything to my hair as far as I know but she did comment positively about my hairdo today. So that was kind of awesome.

The other 2 were customers. They're usually quite complimentary about my clothes and jewelry but in the 3 years I've known them they have never gone out of their way to compliment my hair. Made me feel most excellent.

I'm still waiting for any kind of acknowledgement when my hair is down but so far there's been nothing positive or negative from anyone other than 2 friends who haven't seen my hair and just have pre-conceived notions. One with good notions and one with bad. And another friend who is on the fence about dreading herself. Everyone else hasn't even acknowledged. I'm pretty sure they're practicing what their mammas taught them and not saying anything when they have nothing nice to say. ;p

Anyway, today was just a pretty good day for the self esteem and since it revolved around my hair I felt the need to share!

Hope everyone else had similarly positive days as well.

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