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Dreadlocks nightmare!

By: Tied up in knots
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One of my dreads fell completely off of my head and when I looked at it it was hollow but completely filled with slime and soap bubbles. I almost puked and started crying. Then I cut them all off because I suddenly noticed they were all disgusting and smelly.

I have never been so happy to wake up.

I don't know why but this dream was so much worse than when I used to dream about losing my hair or teeth in the past. I've had those nightmares my whole life and never really had too much of a problem but waking up today I just felt completely sick physically and emotionally until I felt my hair and realized it was just a dream. A really, really, bad dream.

I hope I never have that dream again. At least I know it will never be a reality. If I wasn't terrified of wax and products before...I certainly am now!

06/20/12 05:26:13PM @sussi:

What a horrible dream!

The-Pygmy Page
06/20/12 04:22:19PM @the-pygmy-page:
Yeah the last time I combed my dreads out I had kept dreaming I was going to comb them out meletonin though I have never taken it regularly

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/20/12 04:15:18PM @soaring-eagle:

yea its crazy some ppl actualy take way too large of doses of it just to get thoe crazty dreams like its a "high" they overdose on whats really just a hormone

Tied up in knots
06/20/12 04:08:30PM @tied-up-in-knots:

Oh wow. Thank you. You just confirmed what I was thinking.

I've been taking melatonin this week and have had a spate of nightmares but this one was the only one that really got me. I'll certainly be taking a long break from the melatonin now. I was so very happy to be getting sleep but the cost is too great if dreams like that are going to be a regular occurrence.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/20/12 03:58:15PM @soaring-eagle:


ive had the worse nightmares when i took melatonin to help me sleep

if you took that it can cai[use the most horible but vivid dreams

i remember the 1 dream some dude was stabbing me i felt the knoife slice through organs and muscles i could even see the knife blade inside me tearing my insides up then after about 38 very painful stabs the tip broke off in my heart i woke up in a panick clenching my chest and still feeling the tip i[of the blade inside my heart expecting to be dead in seconds

every dream i had while taking that was thart real and scary so i stopped i didnt need to sleep that badly

i found that some areas are dram vortexes a well if your house is surrounded by mugwort or 1 of the other drem herbs it can cause wild dreamsso if you have weird dreams alot [u might want to see what weeds are f=growing in your yard

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