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Adventures in shrinkage
My two tiny nape nattys.
The underside again!
The underside
My scalp is finally disappearing!
Seeeeee my dreads, see my dreads,
Some stubs
Back again
My regular hair do
Yet more stubbie dreadies


08/30/12 11:44:33PM @valrie:

Yeah, pretty much all of my dreads underneath my hair (at the nape of the neck) are hard all throughout and very short. On the top-most layers, there are some stiff spots but over all they are soft and much more pliable. I'm thinking because they aren't as dread-tight as the ones below.

I might try and put on straight jojoba and see what happens (only on the super compact ones though.) If I do this, I will let you know if it helps. I would not want to cut mine. I've thought about taking my shears and chipping into the tips to allow more flow thru but I don't think I will cut them off.

08/21/12 12:45:21AM @valrie:

Your hair is looking so awesome! Just curious, I noticed that a lot of my dreads are so tightly knotted that they are actually hard. Do you have this too? I've thought about trying to soften them up but I have this niggling fear they will start to loosen. :P

08/12/12 02:27:17PM @valrie:

Cool! Are you making them or just buying them? I know Ravelry has some free patterns last time I checked...
Snoods have always been my way of hiding my hair comfortably and are a Renaissance Faire staple (I work for the faire every season.) They can come in sizes that rest at the neck and I have seen some go as long as mid-back. I also see them warn high up on the head as well as lower to the back with bobby pins. If you end up making one you can always do fanciful lace design work.

It's almost at the point where I can't really tie my hair up. The shrinkage has brought my upper layer to being too short for a ponytail and recently, when I pull it back and tie my dreads together from the sides, after my shift I can barely get them apart again because the hairs had decided to lock up together (I once had to yank them apart after loosening the "tie" because they had almost seemed to congo in the 5 hours of my shift!)

07/25/12 05:03:59PM @valrie:

Woah, I came over here to ask a favor and got almost totally distracted by your new photos. Your hair is looking great!!!

Anyhoo, back to the topic at hand, I am asking a couple of helpful regulars to check out the mobile site and post feedback for SE. The thread is here:

and thus far, I'm the only one who's done it which, isn't entirely helpful since my phone is garbage. :P

06/05/12 12:50:41AM @valrie:

No worries. It takes me a while to get back to people who comment on my profile anyway because I never get a notification for it (for instance, you are 1 of like, 6 reply backs I'm doing from the span of over a week.)

Anyhoo, I actually just got re-hired at Sally Beauty Supply and the manager is giving me the same hours as my son's school schedule. So aside from summer time, it won't be taking any time away from him. And it really couldn't have come at a better time. My savings is dwindling fast and I will be starting in 2 weeks from now.

I have slowed down on my crafting this week. I was crocheting tams and trying different designs but I'm pretty sure I have carpal tunnel and/or arthritis (all of the pain symptoms encompass both and I have always overused my hands and arms.) I think I will have to look into working on some of my other crafting ideas for a while and start taking glycosamine and wearing a wrist guard to see if it actually helps. I have tons of fabric and was thinking of making some fun and funky hoods and wraps or maybe going back to making plushies... I just need to clean my space and get organized and damnit, I just don't wanna! :P

Hehe, and thanks for the congrats. It feels really good to know I'm not leading people astray or coming off as a little miss know-it-all :D

05/25/12 01:46:07AM @valrie:

Awe, part of me wishes I was working... the other part of me wants to stay unemployed and focus on raising my son and crafting till my heart's content. :P
Things are going alright. I have been exceptionally lazy this past week that I have been out of school. I am going to need to buckle down and start working towards my transfer and looking for work after Memorial Day... *boo*

I'm trying to get a TON of crocheting done and I have some other fun ideas I have been wanting to try out so I will also need to "schedule" in some craft time around the above.

Hmmm.... nothing much else going on because I have been reveling in my recent freedom from classes in lieu of getting the army of duties knocked off my to-do list. :P

I think the workman's comp is more a pain in the arse than anything. If he was working responsibly then there should be no contesting it. Would he be out for a while?

05/25/12 01:00:45AM @valrie:

Hey there chickie,

I just wanted to pop over and say hi. Sorry to read about your hubby's work accident (read that in a thread) and I hope he's doing okay.
Protective gear definitely helps reduce work related injuries but it isn't 100% unfortunately.
Other than that, how's life treating you?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/19/12 01:14:32AM @soaring-eagle:


Blessed Earth Mama
04/02/12 11:28:05PM @blessed-earth-mama:

Thanks for the add <3

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/28/12 09:07:31PM @soaring-eagle:

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