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Summer Opal


Location: Waco, TX
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Country: US


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4 weeks!!!

By Summer Opal, 2012-03-19

Today, well the 19 of March, my dreads are 1 month old! Its exciting.

I do not notice how mine are progressing, but I have noticed a bit more loose hairs and loops, and I love the loops!

I will take some pictures after I go to sleep and wake up for the day I was just so excited that I had to post something now.


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Just a few questions...

By Summer Opal, 2012-02-29

I have been watching a lot of videos about dreads and how to maintain them, I know I am not that far a long and just wanted to kind of find these things out now rather than later.

I did the twist and rip method to start my dreads, also I am wearing rubberbands to keep them seperated, I do know that after the first or so wash they do loosen a bit then dread up again. From the pictures that I did post can anyone tell me if they are still looking good? lol I feel like they are not doing good. But that could be because I want them to be "happy".

Thank you to all of you who have helped me so far. [=

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Can I get some help?

By Summer Opal, 2012-02-27

Today I was at a tattoo convention in my home town and a girl said to me that she liked my dreads (have only had them for a week) but said when she had dreads she used a powder to help them, and also a hemp shampoo.

I have not been using anything right now just because I have not had them for very long. Are there any suggestions on a shampoo that will help with my scalp and make my dreads smell as pretty as I feel they are looking?

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