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Just a few questions...

user image 2012-02-29
By: Summer Opal
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I have been watching a lot of videos about dreads and how to maintain them, I know I am not that far a long and just wanted to kind of find these things out now rather than later.

I did the twist and rip method to start my dreads, also I am wearing rubberbands to keep them seperated, I do know that after the first or so wash they do loosen a bit then dread up again. From the pictures that I did post can anyone tell me if they are still looking good? lol I feel like they are not doing good. But that could be because I want them to be "happy".

Thank you to all of you who have helped me so far. [=

meakia miakinkoff-murzynsky
03/11/12 04:43:56PM @meakia-miakinkoff-murzynsky:

I had mine wrapped with hemp in the really really loose parts, and then I stopped paying attention. 2 weeks later I was playing with them and noticed that above the wrap (closer to the root than the tip) I had a dready bit. underneath the wrapping nothing happened at all, but I am experimenting with having my tips wrapped with hemp to see what happens...mine are only 3 weeks old, so I don't know everything, just sharing personal experience.

Summer Opal
03/01/12 01:57:16PM @summer-opal:

Thank you so much for the help. I am going to take them out and let them be happy. =]

Tara C
02/29/12 08:17:26AM @tara-c:

Yeah, take the elastic bands off, they should be free to move around and knot. They look fine dont worry about them. Try not to look at them for a while, because if you're always looking, you won't see any progress because it's so minor and gradual, but if you go a few weeks without looking at them properly, you'll see the changes and feel good about them. You don't need to do anything to maintain them either, they'll dread themselves and "maintain" themselves given enough time.

Tied up in knots
02/29/12 03:01:16AM @tied-up-in-knots:

They look fine. Other than the elastics. Take the elastics off and leave them alone.

The elastics are very likely to gum up your hair and create thin spots.They do not make dreads happy. Happy dreads are free to move around and tangle up.

Your hair will likely loosen up a lot more. Try not to worry about it and just keep them from eating each other.

Your hair knows what it's doing. Let it do it. You don't need videos on maintenance. You just keep your hair clean and separate the dreads every now and then.

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