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I recently combed out my 4 month back combed dreads for a couple reasons (many being too large, cut a few with scissors ((oops)), felt like I missed out seeing my dreads grow and be designed by Mother Nature by starting with backcombing)It took a few painful days but I would like to restart. My hair is very thin but kept its length ( couple inches past my shoulders) I'm mostly wondering, is my hair ready to start the natural process or should I let it recover for a bit longer till it regains some of its fullness?Also, it looks alot fuller in the picture than it actually is.
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Making your own dread beads?

By SpaceQueen, 2013-03-13
I just got some sculpey oven bake clay and was looking to make some dread beads for my self. Anyone have any tips or good tutorials on how to make clay beads? Thank you! :)
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Should I comb out my dreadlocks?

By SpaceQueen, 2013-03-10
I started my dreadlocks about 4 months ago by back combing them. Unfortunately I made many of the sections much too large, at least 1 inch, most 2-3 inches. I was pretty unhappy with the large ones about a month ago and cut them in half with scissors ( horrible idea, I know). Those dreadlocks that I cut have not improved or dreaded at all since the cut. Many more of my dreadlocks are large and I'd like them to be a lot smaller so I'm not sure what to do.Should I somehow comb these dreads? Or just stick with them. If I combed them out I would restart my dreads naturally.I'm just worried I'll loose a lot of hair and it will be incredibly difficult/painful do to the tight knots. Any advice or tip much appreciated.
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Washing with bar soap

By SpaceQueen, 2013-02-23
Is there any particular way to go about washing with bar soap? I know you're not suppose to touch your dreads much while washing and some people say to just wash your scalp but I feel like the bottom of my dreads don't get that clean that way, any help is appreciated :)
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Fleece hat on dreads?

By SpaceQueen, 2013-02-14
Do fleece hats do anything for dreads like wool hats do? Thanks for any answers :)
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Baking soda bath

By SpaceQueen, 2013-01-11
Not sure if anyone has tried this but it worked pretty well so I figured I'd share it. I've done the bs/acv rinse one time before and I dunked them in a large pot with bs for ten minutes. It was super uncomfortable, hurt my neck on the edge and my heavy water logged dreads didn't help. So this time I just got a bath going, poured in about a cup and a half of baking soda, a little tea tree and little peppermint and then just soaked my dreads while I was in the bath. I found it super relaxing and refreshing. And after I just turned on the shower and finished with a gallon of water with a couple capfuls of acv.Well I guess that's all, lemme know how this goes for anyone else :)
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Dreadlocks may be too big?

By SpaceQueen, 2012-12-24
I have a few dreadlocks that are over 1 inch, some up to 3 inches wide. They seem to be doing well and have tightened up very much. I just recently read a blog thread that said you should separate dreads that are too big. Yet mine are in there pretty tightly with the ends completely locked up.My question: do I have to somehow rip apart these locked up dreads? Or are they okay the way they are?Any advice or help is welcome.
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