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dreadlocks shampoo
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dreadlocks roots never need tightening but tightening dreads roots can cause severe permanent harm in the form of dread loss root thinning weakening and balding a condition called traction alopecia can become permanent requiring hair transplantssalons and locticians push a scalpy no loose hair look as a tidy look this is actualy the early stages of traction alopecia it is reversable as long as you don;'t ignore it and keep twisting. there is a point of no returndreadlocks are loose hair that are alowed to dreadthe roots will be loose for many months even root rubbing can weaken roots the damage adds up slowly but surelycrochet and other force methods also do extreme harm breaking more hairs then they fix weakening dreads over time and halting or delaying progress greatly saves dreads every daybut there are so many salons and youtube vids promoting harmful products and techniques it is a constant challengewhat dreads need- washing and seperatingthats itthe more you do beyond that the more harm is done
rico suave
01/07/13 04:49:42PM @rico-suave:

thanks for the insight

helpd me a lot

Green Head
03/22/12 06:04:12AM @green-head:

i've just been sat there through the video shoving my fingers through the bases of my dreads to check! Didn't really have to SHOVE them, they're okay lol phew :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/21/12 07:05:44PM @soaring-eagle:

agree completely

there was a guy a freind of a member he spent 14 thoiusand dollars on his dreads having them retwisted over and over he wouldnt even wash them without paying a loctician in 4 years 1/2 his dreads fell off.. after spending all that money on maintenance they told him he needed

the ones that didnt break were thin like this

every day we gert hundreds of searches for why are my locs thinning or how to prevent dreads from breaking

the answers so simple..stop doing what your doing! stop maintaining them too much and they wont break

Angel Frye
03/21/12 06:52:39PM @angel-frye:

Damn. That's the best video I've seen so far for showing what salons do to you.

And the shitty thing is that being self reliant is one of the biggest factors I had for choosing to start locks! I wanted to fire my stylist because I was sick of paying her to trim hair that I didn't know how to. And then to find out that salons do this kind of damage to make money of people... it's sickening.

Thanks for posting this vid, SE. And to the guy who made this video- THANK YOU!! We need to flood YouTube with MORE videos talking about this serious issue.

Locks should be virtually self maintaining(besides correctly washing and separating) not take an army of loctitions to 'keep them neat.' That's bullshit!!! :(

Jay Simmons
02/03/12 06:06:32PM @jay-simmons:

Thanks! I will check out site you listed below...the more help the better. Again, thanks!
02/03/12 01:18:51AM @elkeinalaska:
thanks for being willing to share your story, can't wait to see them fill all back in :) Hey have you been to ? He vlog'd his journey going the cultivated locs route, and now is vloging his journey going the natural method. You might enjoy his story while you watch yours regrow :) xo

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