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Location: Florida
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Three knot half-updo 8-16-2013
8-3-13 --dying locks at 11 months
Big Mouth on Mommy -- 9 month dreads
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07/29/13 05:17:50PM @sweet:

Well - that is thanks to you.

07/26/13 07:05:43PM @sweet:

A big THANK YOU - I have done it, i can go on with things not right for a long time but if i know others r effected by it i have to do smthing. I just thought i would never figure it out as it took so long to set it all up, this is much better, Thank you dear friend.


07/26/13 06:58:46PM @sweet:

I am just now onto my page to change the text colour and remember why i haven't done this earlier, i have no idea which tab to use to do this and now will need to go through each 1 by first dramaticly changing the colour so i know what it is, if you know what i mean. I really need to do this though as i avoid going on my own page when i come on DLS because of the text being hard to read Wish me luck.


07/26/13 08:06:04AM @sweet:
I,m sorry I haven,t got back to you, I,m still learning how the comment threads work on this site. Your not the only person who has said about the green text on my page and I,m having a hard time with it too, I,m trying to figure out what to do without doing text in shocking pink or bright purple so it can be seen on my display. Thank you for visiting, I'm going to have to send this message off now as I,m on and iPad that keeps losing the message, so I,ll catch up soon properly.

06/27/13 06:53:19PM @sweet:

How bizare is that, i too have just made friends with Antonio and been on his page, then i decide to go to the home page and see your post and end up here.

Kid Ayn Gibran
03/12/13 10:53:00AM @kid-ayn-gibran:

Angel thanks so much for your advice. I agree with you that the tea tree definitely irritated my scalp. I took a look Mosalu's site and I am definitely gonna have to give her items a try. I've been freeforming for nearly 2 years, but even now I still have to ask for advice. Seems like sometimes methods work for some time then another must be used. Especially with the change of weather. Last week the temps were in the 40s & 50s now there up to 60s & 70s. I bet Florida is beautiful year round.

Blessed Earth Mama
04/05/12 03:04:27PM @blessed-earth-mama:

Thanks for the add! :)

Jakk Lyman
03/05/12 03:18:53PM @jakk-lyman:

oh, and thanks for the make things interesting I invite anyone to come up with reasons/problems for which we need government for which we cant do without...AND, since how we could actually achieve anarchism is a pretty big deal, I mean, whats the point if we'll never get there, I invite any and all discussion on that as well. As far as how it could work, it can work in tons of ways, we know this from experience, we also know what doesnt work in anarchism (like we found trying to abolish money didnt work) goal is just to plant a good solid seed that we are capable of managing our affairs in a modern industrial society without government and without capitalism.---that doesnt mean without organization or anything like that.--Thanks--jakk

Jakk Lyman
03/05/12 03:06:24PM @jakk-lyman:

...This system is designed for the wealthy elite to "represent" us, & aside from a few left right wedge issues like abortion there wont be much difference in how they do their job. Representation is only a good idea when its necessary & even then only by mandate--that is, positions should be temporary on an as needed basis, & the person should not be given "authority" for any thing other than what they were mandated.In anarchistic conditions if someones ego is a problem, thats their problem,no-one wants to work with assholes,&theres no authority for them to abuse. Our ego's only get in the way because of the design of the system, we have an authoritarian capitalist hierarchy. This means competition, rather than co-operation, will be inseparable within our political, social, and economic institutions. It also means that private profit will be inseparable within these institutions. This has its own consequences; those with wealth form affinity groups and stack the deck so they can keep their wealth and expand it. This has led to market control of our media, schools that were designed for the sole purpose of behavior modification, and since the very beginning a system designed to subject the many to the will of the few. Under no circumstances will we ever fill enough offices in our government with people who will want to change that. There is no legitimate or useful reason to elect someone to make decisions on your behalf. If our system is going to be based on competition and greed we will never be able to separate money from the decision making process, especially if that process is an authority based power structure. When people arent socially engineered and information isnt controlled to the extent that it is we tend to reject this narrative we currently call normal. Ever since the industrial revolution its taken an enormous amount of resources to get the human being to fit this mold--- In our current situation if we dont put our focus towards changing our economic interactions and organizing without positions of authority we are pretty much done for. Anarchism isnt that big a deal, everyone thinks that "anarchism" cant work because people are like this or that. However, it has worked. The "government" is just a bunch of little organizations all connected through a hierarchical chain of command. Things would actually work better if our organizations were non-authoritarian-no pyrimid or center-just a natural conglomeration of freely assembled groups. This way the only people involved would be those effected directly and only so long as necessary--as they hold no "power"there is no need for their continued existence.Once we have economic equality these would be relatively few in number because there wouldnt be much need for them, people would have the freedom and resources to meet whatever needs arose.Much like what happened in Spain, when the left won the elections people simply made government obsolete--when the workers democratized the workplace there was no longer any need for the state. Economic equality and freedom must go hand in hand--as long as wage slavery is abolished and no-one has the means to become mega-rich anymore-- no more could a few rich people get together and create wars, control information, buy up huge amounts of resources, strategically impoverish other countries etc. people naturally federate freely as needed in an organic non-coercive manner.

Jakk Lyman
03/04/12 02:24:51PM @jakk-lyman:

---On Anarchism, history etc...

When we approach the subject of history at all we get into a very murky contentious arena, be it our own country or the countries of others. There are no perfect "systems"--all systems subjugate the many to the few in an effort to protect unatural and generally ill-gotten opulence. The American Revolution is really ill named, while weve put it and our founding fathers on a pedestal, and revere the constitution like holy writ, (and Im not saying its all bad, some of our founders, even the ones I really dislike, were extraordinary people by todays standards)--but the truth about this period is that you had an elite that wanted to rule without being beholden to a King--but this idea had to be spread to "the people" cuz they were the ones who would ultimately fight and die for it (and this example is equally applicable to France at the time) so in the process of propagating this rhetoric to the people REAL revolutionaries began to get involved on behalf of the people, and its in this contrast that we see the true nature of guys like Jefferson, who was easily one of the most revolutionary of the bunch as far as truly revolutionary ideas are concerned, as simply replacing one hierarchy of rich elites for another is hardly revolutionary--at least by my standards. Your comment about various coups in other countries before they find something they are happy with is what really caught my attention...many "coups"& "revolutions" if you begin looking at them individually, have nothing to do with what the people want.During the Spanish Civil war Franco lost in a democratic election, a party consisting of the entire left spectrum (including the anarcho-syndicilists) won, and real anarchism was being experimented with all over the country, the standard of living rose etc etc. but Franco brought in his military, and in the end the allies had the communists stab the anarchists in the back to hand the country to Franco because they didnt want Spain to become a model for people to follow. Similarly, in countrys all over the world (particularly in S. America) the U.S. engineered coup's and revolutions to oust democratically elected leftist governments and aided regimes that favored U.S. interests. The strength and staying power of these regimes have little to do with what the people want. Our misunderstanding of other countrys stems directly (or so I believe) from our own deceptions about ourselves. Like us being the "greatest country in the world" or the most free,or that capitalism is equatable with freedom, or that we have a free and unbiased press, or the american dream (which is only supported with anecdotal evidence, its a complete falsehood)or that product choice is "freedom" etc...and my personal favorite, that the constitution was designed to ensure our freedom, and its the greatest document in the world.--these ideas about ourselves taint how we view other countries, and until we can not only get to the truth of these myths but take steps to regain control over the institutions that manage information (schools and media) Im afraid the majority of the U.S. population will be little more than tools for the elite. I think its great btw, that you talk to your son about these things. One of the things I would like to do is create a working/feasible model for a multi-age school collective, so that people have an alternative to the compulsory system to give their kids superior educations (affordable to the disenfranchised & marginalized). The anarchist collective model is one of the most economically feasible systems period, Ive seen (I forgot what they called it) but it was basically a medical collective, for $30 a month you had a personal doctor that could make house calls and everything. The only problem was that since we are doing this within a capitalist system you still had to contend with capitalist institutions and laws-so surgery and things that couldnt be handled by a regular doctor were a bit more complex and expensive--but they were working on ways to deal with it. After I cover a few more subjects on the various forms of info management Im going to move on to economics and an anarchist model Ive been working on...the goal for me has always been to simplify it, anarchists these days are anarchisms worst enemy, with their ideas getting more complex and further from reality seemingly by the day, I think we need something very simple everyone can apply in their own way-experiment with, so it evolves naturally.--anyway, I didnt mean to write you book, sorry bout that. thanks for writing.--jakk

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