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Jakk Lyman


Location: Portland, OR
Zipcode: 97201
Country: US


Blogs: 6
youtube videos: 6
images: 14

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James Matarrese
05/05/12 03:45:34PM @james-matarrese:

Thank you very much for the friend request!

04/06/12 06:13:11PM @vannessa-anne:

Thanks for the request :)

Donovan King
03/18/12 12:55:40PM @donovan-king:

hahahah!! DANCE IN THE RAIN!!!!

Donovan King
03/17/12 04:28:51PM @donovan-king:

i love you!!

Donovan King
03/17/12 04:27:57PM @donovan-king:

i love you!!

alex duran
05/19/11 05:37:38PM @sara-lagos:
you're gorgeous! and with dreads i go crazy. thanks for the add

Animal Amy
05/14/11 04:58:18PM @bethany-colvin:
thank you :) thats a really old picture though, that was about the 1.5 year mark, now ive had them for 3 years so need to get some more recent pictures up, i have roughly 60-70. just ordered some new beads too so ill get some pictures up when i get them in :)

05/14/11 03:20:14PM @lavonte-thompson:
nice to meet you,lovely dreads! :)

Animal Amy
05/13/11 05:54:10PM @bethany-colvin:
hey i just replied to your discussion, your dreads are looking really nice :)

05/11/11 10:07:19PM @jakk-lyman:
thanks erinleigh i hope mine look as good as your someday!

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