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dreadlocks shampoo
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Spongy Roots

eh, try tryin again. my rootsdont pop anymore =( when i pull the dreads apart they sorta just gel back together so my scalp looks like cotton or...
@windowgirl started 11 years ago - replies: 0

Baby Dreads!!!

I started dreading five days ago. Naturally, of course. I did get impatient last night back combed a few dreads. My hair is a wicked mess! I'm...
@Sunshine started 11 years ago - replies: 3
owen thompson


Hello to all the new and old dreadies out there..wondering about my decision to get a tam or cap, not in any rush to obtain one as of yet cuz my...
@owen thompson started 12 years ago - replies: 11
Javier Cruz


Hyi there,Well my topic is the purpose of beads...Anyhow, I have two dreads that are forming as oneand I use these beads to keep their bond.It...
@Javier Cruz started 12 years ago - replies: 2

getting undreaded hair into dreads

hey as I got my hair crocheted into dreads i have no idea what to do with them to get hair into them, i have hair coming out of the bottom of them...
@karen started 12 years ago - replies: 1
Kiwi Chick

My Head lol, what a freeken mess

starting dreads teaches you patience alright?Ive had myn for like a month now, and the mess OMG..... I go out shopping and i know peps are looking...
@Kiwi Chick started 12 years ago - replies: 3
Kiwi Chick

rubber band or no rubber band

wat you reckon, ive been finding alot of un-raveling going on..... Im thinking should I rubber band near the roots, so then I dont have much hair...
@Kiwi Chick started 12 years ago - replies: 2
Kiwi Chick

how long

bck combd my hair round 3 weeks ago, they now becoming loose, ive read that it will lock, how long, did it take for your hair to lock, me has thick...
@Kiwi Chick started 12 years ago - replies: 3
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