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Happy Holidays (yea thats what i said)

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-12-05

Happy holidays to one and all!

and by that i mean, all holidays celebrated by all people not just the 1 celebrated by some..some who feel only theirs should be allowed

fox news reports often on the war on christmass but what is this war on christmass? don't they mean the christmass war? the war started thousands of years ago?

when pagans celebrated their winter holidays and the christians choose to crush them by forcing them to celebrate christmass? the birth of a guy who was born in the spring but who's birthday was celebrated in the dead of winter just to fall t the time of the pagan celebrations?

the war on christmass if you want to believe there is 1 was started by puritans during the colonial days in some areas it was illegal to celebrate christmass

in fact nearly all the holidays the fox news psudo (or psycho) christians are fighting to protect are all stolen holidays that have absolutely nothing to do with jesus and christianity

the bringing in of a tree the easter bunny have their roots in earth based beliefs not in the heaven and hell bearded dude in the sky based beliefs

(special note to the god hates gays category of christians: the early christistmass holidays..the ones that formed the foundation of what we have today involved gay sex was the 1 time of year men were able to have sex with men as a celebration...this is the tradition your fighting to presserve?)

im not saying we should go around yelling out fuck chrisstmass or anything like that but just that we should say happy holidays in respect to all beliefs including those whos holidays were stolen by those who now try to claim them

happy Solstice

happy Kwanzza

happy Hanukkah

happy hoho (the fat man sliding down the chimney was a shaman delivering ..mushrooms of enlightenment...keep that 1 in mind while sipping your eggnog)

and all the rest

lets not forget we are not alone theres a million beliefs in this world of ours as irational as they may be each 1 borrows (or steals) a lil from the others and not any 1 shal be greater then the lert it be a happy holiday to all

cause no matter what deity you believe in..wouldnt they want it this way?

(but feel free to scream F-U to fox news)

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the value of a nipple ..err i mean nickle ..or no i dont

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-11-29

well ive recently added a new ad network to the ads on the site one that promised a high payout but then when i started it i noticed alot of crappy ads and near pornlike dating site ads ..along with a low payoutSo i contacted them about several issues i sw with the service and was told they could upgrade me to a premium service if i removed ceratin images and they gave a link:

looking over that list of images i noticed only 2 nipples..

nothing sexualized or porn like at all..

now i could remove those 2 images and earn about 100 dollars a day and get better quality ads (no auto play audio ads no ads that generate popups no ads that look like malware or for porny dating sites etc

or i can do the right thing and stand up for the rights of women

this was my response

out of all those i see oly 2 that are at all questionable (show a nipple) now everywhere its gone to court where the rights of women were in question and men were alowed to go wo[ithout shirts in public the laws were changed alowing women to go topless in public parks at least (the park across the treet from the white house is 1 such park where women are alowed to go topless) in the same way women who do roofing for a living are permitted to work topless. i have a strict rule against porn and sexualized nudity but not casual or artistic or incidental nudity.
and as i said only 2 images showed a nipple wich only proves they are mammals you didnt know that already..
so i haveto stand up for the rights of women to share in the same freedoms as men..
besides many of the ads ive seen werent much better they certainly were more sexualized
those arethe type ads im trying to avoid
we'll see how they respond
in the meantime do you think i should have removed the only 2 questionable images just cause they happened to show an exposed nipple/
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10 commandments of dreading

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-11-22

1: thou shalt wash thy dreads lest the wish to be stinky
2: though shalt not touch comb or brush to thy head wether thy combeth the forwards or backwards
3: thine dreads shalt be thine and not covedeth any others
4: dreads shalt be created by thine god not by thine stylist
5: thou shalt poketh holes in thine head and thine ears before thine dreads
6: thou shalt not seeketh to haveth perfect dreads for only the devine shal be perfect thou dreads shalt instead reflect the imperfect nature of thineself
7: if thou rusheth to be dreaded thou shalt reach thine dreads death
8: thou shaly learn the lesson of the dread and not try to teach thy dread how to be dreaded
9: to seeketh dreads is to seeketh thine own nature, to seeketh the dread look is to worship false idols
10: dreads are the result of a spiritual journey not of effort and expences money6changers shaly be cast out and stricken bald

i wrote this awhile ago in the designer patented dreads thread but just came across it today (didnt remember writting it) but thought it was worth reposting here

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a bitch named sandy

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-10-27

normaly when i think of a girl named sandy its a petite cute sweet chick not a massive monstrous superbitch

but a bitch named sandy is on her way to spend a few days wreaking havoc and devouring everything in sight.

this will affect our lil community since some of the most active helpful members are going to be caught right in her path..

it maybe weeks before we recover and get back on to the site so any members on during this time step up yoir efforts to help out

if you spend all your time in chat take a moment every hour to answer questions in forums and blogs

change and ixchel are stepping up to admin the site while we are gne

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mitt romney and the mormon cult

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-10-25

I have been helping someone a lil bit on his site which is a social network for ex mormons

those who escaped the cult

those who suffered sexual abuses and forced marriages

this is reprinted from 1 of his older sites

he has 1st hand experience dealing with the mormon cult and with romneys involvement in the cult

Mitt Romney's Mormon Secrets

By Richard Packham February 2012

In all the extensive media coverage of Mitt Romney, much of it discussing his religion, not a word have I seen about the secrets of Mormonism, the secrets of Romney's life-long beliefs and practices. The reason, of course, is obvious: nobody can talk about a secret unless they are in on the secret. And few journalists or Christian ministers or anti-Mitt politicians are in on the secret. Only Mormons know the secrets, and they're not going to tell. And former Mormons, like myself, who were initiated into those same secrets, and afterwards left Mormonism - we know the secrets. Should we tell?

Journalist Frank Rich, in his January 29 article "Who in God's Name Is Mitt Romney?" in New York Magazine, subtitled it: "His greatest passion is something he's determined to keep secret." And that secret is the details of his beliefs and practices as a faithful, life-long Mormon, the same secrets that all good Mormons have vowed to keep secret, even though their life depended on it.

And why does Romney (and his church) want to keep people from knowing those secrets? Most Mormons will claim that they are not "secret," but merely so "sacred" that they cannot be discussed. That is a quibble, since Mormons hold any number of other aspects of their religion to be "sacred," and yet they don't hesitate to discuss them (for example: baptism, conferring the gift of the Holy Ghost, ordination to the priesthood, etc.). In my day, when Mitt and I were initiated into the secrets, we were specifically instructed that we were under "the greatest obligations of secrecy." Nowadays, the Mormons simply take a solemn oath that they will "never reveal" anything about the rituals. That sounds like a secret to any ordinary person, doesn't it?

All right. I am going reveal those secrets, since nobody else seems willing and able to do so.

The biggest secrets involve the special lengthy rituals (the Mormons call them "ordinances") that take place outside of public view in the Mormon temples. The most important of these rituals is called the "endowment" - lasting several hours and taking the Mormon through symbolic washings and anointings (in my day they were actual washings and anointings on the entire naked body), then clothing the Mormon in special clothing and robes (including the notorious "magic underwear," which Mormons call "the garment"). The Mormon then watches and participates in long dramatizations of key events in the coming of the gospel, beginning with the creation of the world, showing Adam's fall, the coming of the Christian gospel (but not the crucifixion and resurrection), and ultimately the Mormon's being admitted into heaven, represented by "passing through the veil (of the temple)." When Romney and I first went through this ceremony, it was a ritualized dramatization with live temple personnel. Nowadays it's a movie. Yes, the most sacred worship service in Mormonism involves watching a movie.

Why is that so secret? you may ask. What aren't the Mormons supposed to reveal? What do they hold so sacred that it's secret? Quite a lot.

Part of the endowment ritual instructs the Mormons in the four "signs" and "tokens" of the Mormon priesthood. Each also has a "name" (or password). The Mormon must make an oath that he (or she) will never reveal these, outside the temple. The purpose of the signs and tokens, according to Mormon Prophet Brigham Young, is that they will be needed to pass the angels guarding the gates of heaven. The tokens are various handshakes, copied largely from the Masonic initiation rites of the 1830s, when church founder Joseph Smith was initiated into Freemasonry. The signs are various positions of the arms and hands (right arm to the square, for example, is the "first sign of the Aaronic priesthood").

Before 1990, when Romney and I first went through this ceremony, we were taught that each of the first three signs and tokens also had a "penalty" associated with each one, and we had to mime various ways of taking life to represent the penalty to us if we were to reveal the secret signs and tokens: slitting one's own throat, ripping open one's chest, disemboweling oneself. Yes, folks, this was part of the most sacred ritual in Mormonism: pantomiming your own bloody death.

So Mitt Romney, and all other righteous Mormons, can be confident that they know the secret passwords and secret handshakes to get into heaven. Do you see why Romney and his church are reluctant for "unworthy" people (the rest of us, including Mrs. Romney's parents) to know about this? As Deborah Laake put it in her autobiographical book Secret Ceremonies, (New York 1993):

The actions that were going to guarantee my entrance at the gates [of heaven] would have nothing to do with love or charity or the other teachings of Christ that I'd been raised to believe God valued. In fact, I hadn't heard a single one of those words spoken today, the most primary day of religious instruction in my entire life. No, I was going to burst into heaven on the basis of mumbo-jumbo. ... The mysteries of life were fraternity rituals. ... Did all the white-suited glorifiers in the room unquestioningly accept a ritual of nutty gestures from the pseudo-occult as a sacrament? Those were the first moments when I viewed Mormonism with suspicion.

Or as summarized by a young Mormon missionary:"If we told investigators [prospective converts] about that, they wouldn't join, because it's too weird!"

But wait! you are saying. You haven't revealed anything. You've just told us that there is stuff to reveal. So reveal it!

Right. The four secret passwords that will get you into heaven:

The first one is the "new name" that you get with your garment. Mine is "Enoch" and you can borrow it when the time comes. The angel won't know. If you're female, you can use my ex-wife's new name: "Mary." (She would kill me if she knew I gave her sacred new name away!)

The second password is easy: your own given first name.

The third password: "The Son," meaning "the Son of God."

The fourth one is so sacred that you don't get it until the very last moment in the ceremony, at the veil, from God Himself (or an old guy standing behind the curtain who is pretending to be God). And it's very long, but you have to memorize it or you don't get in:

Health in the navel, marrow in the bones, strength in the loins and in the sinews. Power in the priesthood be upon me and upon my posterity through all generations of time and throughout all eternity.

(If you watched "Big Love" faithfully, one episode showed this part of the ceremony.)

And what about the secret (oops! that should be "sacred") handshakes? Rather than describe them, I will suggest you simply do an Internet search for "mormon handshake" images. They'll be right at the top.

Anything else? Yes, there are more secrets.

During the endowment, Mormons are required to take secret oaths that they will obey various "laws." The "law of obedience" requires them to obey "the law of God and keep his commandments." They don't specify what the "law of God" is, but Mormons understand that the Mormon church is the only true source of God's law and commandments. So they are taking an oath to obey their church.

The "law of sacrifice" requires them to "covenant to sacrifice all that we possess, even our own lives if necessary, in sustaining and defending the Kingdom of God." Mormons understand "the kingdom of God" to be the Mormon church.

The "law of the gospel" is accompanied by a charge to avoid "evil speaking of the Lord's anointed [church leaders]" as well as avoiding "light-mindedness, loud laughter, taking the Lord's name in vain" and every "unholy and impure practice" (not specified).

The "law of chastity" is to abstain from sexual relations except with one's lawful spouse. That one does make sense. That's one of the Ten Commandments, after all.

The last law is the "law of consecration." It requires the Mormons to

...consecrate yourselves, your time, talents, and everything with which the Lord has blessed you, or with which he may bless you, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for the building up of the Kingdom of God on the earth and for the establishment of Zion.

A couple of terms need explanation. The "Kingdom of God on the earth" and "Zion" mean, to Mormons, not just their church, but ultimately the theocracy that will replace the non-religious civil government. They believe, of course, that Christ will come to run this government, using faithful Mormons as administrators.

The pressing question for Mitt Romney, and for the Mormons who are supporting his candidacy, is: Would Romney consider the Presidency to be something that God had "blessed" him with, and which, pursuant to his secret oath, he should "consecrate" to his church for establishing a theocracy? If he is elected, will he kneel down and thank his God for blessing him with the presidency? And what is he supposed to do, according to his secret oath, with "everything" God has blessed him with? That's right: he is to use it for the benefit of the Mormon church.

Now wait a minute, you may be thinking. It doesn't really mean that! The Mormon church doesn't expect that from its members, does it? Oh, yes, it does! Remember California's Proposition 8? The Mormon church pulled out all the stops to pass that proposition, which would forbid same-sex marriage, and it called upon all Mormons to cough up and donate, even those who were not California voters. Those who were hesitant to do so (often the amounts demanded were thousands of dollars per family) were simply and subtly reminded of their "temple covenants." And they all understood that the church was calling in the chits on the oaths to obey, to sacrifice, and to consecrate whatever the church demanded of them.

How would a President who was also a good Mormon obey those secret oaths?

It wouldn't even take a phone call from church headquarters to the White House. Mitt, being a well-trained Mormon, knows "in his heart" what God would want (which is the same thing that the church wants, of course) and doesn't need to be told. That's the way it works already in the only American theocracy in existence today (Utah). The Mormon politicians who run that state - the judiciary, the legislature, the executive branch - don't have to ask church leaders for direction. They know what they should do, without asking specifically (usually).

The question for American voters is: knowing that Romney has taken this secret oath, that he is a faithful Mormon, do you want him to answer the question "Would you feel bound by your sacred oath to obey the law of consecration that you made in the endowment ceremony?"

Should it make a difference to you, the voter?

2012 Richard Packham Permission granted to reproduce for non-commercial purposes, provided text is not changed and this copyright notice is included

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natural flavour (and color)

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-09-17

prepare to be grossed out

when you read the label on food and see natural flavour and natural color

ever wonder what it might be? well vanila ice cream ..yum right? untill u realize that yummy natural flavour is a beavers anal gland

still hungry?

other natural colors might be ground up bugs ..or worse

heres a nice lil list of a few of the gross things you eat every day without knowing it

why are these things not labked?

why are we forced to eat things that are totaky gross against our knowledge?

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the journey

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-09-17

the journey to any destination takes several steps if it was just the destination that was important then anyone could "climb mount everest" by taking a helicopter to the top, or even just photoshopp9ng their photo there.

the dread journey is no different then the journey to the highest peaks, or even to the stars.

you dont earn the destination by taking shortcuts, or by faking your way there, you earn it step by step through the hardships and trials that make it a dificult destination to reach.

when you reach that peak, near frozen to death, unsure if you will pas out and du=ie from lack of oxygen and decreased bloodflow due to hyper thermia you will know you truly earned the photo you take from the peak

but if you fly on up in a heated helicopter step out to a breathtaking cold and breathtaking view to snap your photo and leave before the cold even settles in to numb your fingers you will remember the view from the top maybe the pleasant conversation with the pilot along the way but you will not have the memories of every step a struggle of the pure willpower it took to take another step and survive ..

and then theres the other guy, proudly (or not so proudly) displaying a photo ..a photoshopped photo of himself in jeans and a t shirt standing at the highest peak unfazed by the cold he never came close to...

perhaps he tells a story to go along with the picture to impress the oposite sex (or should i say preffered) he puts on the appearance of a man whos been there done that but lacks the memory. the experience.. the growth and self determination it took to carry on when others would turn back..

even the view from the top is experienced diferently from each perspective

the t shirt guy is 2 dimensional no awe no mystery , it might as well be as mundane as the brick wall outside his office window where he once saw a squirrel scurry by without leaving any permenant impression

helicopter guy remembers the view as awe inspiring and beautiful but the cold biting at his lungs doesnt let him enjoy it long before snapping his picture as proof hed been there and moving on

now the true climber might be close to death..unsure if he will ever make it back down but tears fill his eyes and freeze onto his cheeks, he falls to his knees taking it all in in a profounde awe that he will never forget for an instant wether he lives or do=ies this momment is the defining momment of his life..worth risking it all in fact if staying another momment means death then he will stay and experience that death too..

days may go by as he memorizes every detail the sun sliding up the slope he had climbed only hours or days ago..the shades and hues of the valeys far below.. the profound isolation of being one of few men whod ever made such a journey..if it wernt for the deadliness of being there hed live there forever..with reluctance and profound regret he begins the painful journey home frozen step by frozen step wondering how many toes would be lost for such exquisite memories..again he realizes if he dies and loses it all that memory still was worth it..

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today a hacker has taken down the mega giant domain registrar and hosting company godaddy, not only websites hosted through godaddy, but domains registered there as well.

millions of websites taken down just so a hacker could prove it could be done..

our site was spared only because i have a godaddy reseller account which i registered all my domains thriugh that

otherwise wed be down as well

godaddies phone lines were also taken down so millions of websites were unavailable and no support was possible..godaddies websites are still down causing millions of website owners to panic

as well as millions who use godaddies email services are unable to receive mail

to many businesses that rely on godaddy this is costing them millions of dollars as well

its yet unknown how soon the godaddy sites will recover

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