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☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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10 commandments of dreading

user image 2012-11-22
By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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1: thou shalt wash thy dreads lest the wish to be stinky
2: though shalt not touch comb or brush to thy head wether thy combeth the forwards or backwards
3: thine dreads shalt be thine and not covedeth any others
4: dreads shalt be created by thine god not by thine stylist
5: thou shalt poketh holes in thine head and thine ears before thine dreads
6: thou shalt not seeketh to haveth perfect dreads for only the devine shal be perfect thou dreads shalt instead reflect the imperfect nature of thineself
7: if thou rusheth to be dreaded thou shalt reach thine dreads death
8: thou shaly learn the lesson of the dread and not try to teach thy dread how to be dreaded
9: to seeketh dreads is to seeketh thine own nature, to seeketh the dread look is to worship false idols
10: dreads are the result of a spiritual journey not of effort and expences money6changers shaly be cast out and stricken bald

i wrote this awhile ago in the designer patented dreads thread but just came across it today (didnt remember writting it) but thought it was worth reposting here

12/20/12 01:41:28AM @zombetho:

Love it :)

12/05/12 04:16:43PM @jazzymomma:


11/27/12 08:56:29PM @hollach:

11/26/12 11:44:46PM @jeremiah:

keep it real!

Xephyre (Nae)
11/24/12 06:09:54PM @xephyre-nae:
Shall it be! Let it be!

11/23/12 05:10:26PM @ixchel:

these are great. i cracked up on number 5, my kids looked at me like i was losing it lol

Castaway J
11/23/12 02:01:02PM @castaway-j:

awesome this is great!

the dude abides.

11/23/12 09:26:18AM @ryan6:

Abide in all things so sayeth The Dude

11/23/12 08:48:51AM @gingerrose:
So shall it be.

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