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4 months 1 wk!


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/17/11 11:47:00AM @soaring-eagle:

Dreaded Friend
07/08/12 05:42:32PM @dreaded-friend:

You said smthing about making your own incenses - is that possible, i would love to know how.

Rudy Amendolaro
12/10/10 07:39:05PM @eleanor-yolanda:

Haha, nice. I'm still growing my hair, but it's just about long enough now that i've started with the BS wash and not combing, and i'll see how it goes.

Rudy Amendolaro
12/08/10 06:16:35PM @eleanor-yolanda:
Hey dude. Long time no speak. How're your dreads coming along?

denise iesha alice shannon
12/07/10 07:52:31AM @cindy-lillemo:
You are most welcome...hope you had a memorable day. :)

denise iesha alice shannon
12/05/10 03:59:28AM @cindy-lillemo:
Hey! Heard you are turning a year older...Happy Birthday! Have an amazing and memorable day. XOXO

Richard Dutka
11/02/10 06:19:24PM @amy-garza:
love your music you have a great taste in it lol:) and thank you for joinging poi spinners. do u spinn poi?

09/01/10 06:29:15AM @themightyren:
hey! you! i been in here every morning! an you my friend have failed to be online!!

Alex Heino
08/28/10 02:23:45AM @franco-barah:
hello there. thanks for the encouragement. On one thought, its only hair, but on the other its something that represents so much freedom, and expression.

08/27/10 02:13:59PM @themightyren:
Awww...thats so sweet! I miss our chats too! I been busy...went to the beach for a just started....u know how we do....You're never on when I'm on either. so shut yo mouf!

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