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Location: rabat
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/22/11 05:48:07PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome :)

Andy Latchaw
12/16/10 07:16:29AM @skylinedcascade:

Nice bro, keep me posted :)

Andy Latchaw
12/10/10 10:49:42AM @skylinedcascade:

Good man, nappy and crazy. Im almost at 7 months now. I can't believe how much length I have lost!

Andy Latchaw
07/10/10 07:52:34AM @skylinedcascade:
Coming along good man, I just put up so pics I took like a few days ago in my journal, check em out

Andy Latchaw
05/25/10 06:07:06PM @skylinedcascade:
Any reason is a good reason for some sublime man

K Michelle Sanders
05/24/10 07:24:46PM @cricketine:
(still here but i ll just leave:p)thanks a lot !!!night!!!

K Michelle Sanders
05/24/10 07:18:02PM @cricketine:
yes that s true..these are all important factors..once you find the pattern you have to even more careful to find the right person to do it..everything at least the first time must be careful, so that one avoids mistakes..i got to go to bed now for i have this test this morning and it is now 3:16 in the morning already:p..i overdid it i think:Dnice talkin to you though, and we can continue this!if i am not online to see your next comment i shall answer next time..have a good night yourself!!

K Michelle Sanders
05/24/10 07:07:49PM @cricketine:
yes i dont say it isnt..maybe i contraicted myself more:pthe point all this contraction meets is that a tattoo is something very special and unique for every person..i m sure it will take some time for me to deicde what my first would the way my friend's tattoo (the one i designed for her, didnt turn out exactly as she would wish cause the artist told her not to go full detail as in time the ink would spread and waste the whole..i didnt really liked that nor did she..

K Michelle Sanders
05/24/10 06:47:33PM @cricketine:
but at the same time you got to be you want to have it,for it ll be a part of you..

K Michelle Sanders
05/24/10 06:46:39PM @cricketine:
haha, i think i do too, for i dont think a tattoo has to be something planned like for years and must be something you really enjoy and like and without requiring that much thought to make the decision of having should be something spontaneous..

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