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Dreaded Friend
09/23/10 02:27:55PM @dreaded-friend:
Been about 3 months now and my hair is still going great! We rip and comb about once every two weeks. The frizzies are still here but I have embraced them!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/25/10 10:02:04AM @soaring-eagle:
please dont go to a salon they will screww u yet agaINu gotta stop thinking salons are the way to dreadyour hair wants to dread just let it dread or twist and rip yourself at home stop wasting money getting screwed

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/18/10 09:37:56AM @soaring-eagle:
click the dread wax truth button in tyhe menu ..remove all the wax even if u must remove the dreads and stasrt over they dread 3 times faster without wax then read the dreaducation page too

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/18/10 09:35:11AM @soaring-eagle:
all the p;laces u read were all sacamm sites pointing to those 2 wax pushers use nothing nothong nothing dreads should be clean and free of residies they say only use non residue shampoo cause residues are hard to eremove welll wax isd waterproof residue inposible to remove u could be more wax then hair 10 years after u stop using wax its evil its a scam

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/17/10 07:30:24PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome freind umm you should be aware wax is dread death ok so glad it was just a week lets get u fixed up youe best bet comb em out (i know sorrt but u must get that wax out and thats the best way) after u comb out strip all that gross wax away then start overbest way go natural if not twist and rip but wax no wax no wax.. sorry you fell for the wax scam

06/04/14 12:31:03PM @tattinatti:

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my post. I agree with everything you said. And its funny, but the more tangled and knotted my hair gets, the more I love my hair and can see how each lock is unique and has character, but I also notice how everyone else is liking my hair less and less. And, Ive come to a point where although I notice their opinions, I'm not letting their opinions affect me. Peace and Love to you! :)

10/16/13 04:32:46PM @rafael-almeida-queiroz:
hello there sweet was lookin at some comments n noticed u dnt have gatherings there. maybe u can get ahold of more ppl from NZ n start ir own thing it would b so awsome to see it grow every year ha kinda like dreads

Sherow Natty
10/15/13 10:02:48AM @sherow-natty:

Thank you for the kind comments, you are very sweet! My hair is not the thickest but there was a lot of it when I started. Thanks again :) You and your dreads are beautiful!

Byron Pagdilao
08/11/13 09:40:22PM @bummie:

Hello Sweet :)

I am not sure what DSL is. Gatherings are wonderful. It is the best family that could be imagined. The bottom photo that you posted was at a national on July 4th. That is when everyone gathers in Main Meadow. The Gathering I just returned from was a regional. It was a whole lot smaller. Just a couple hundred hippies in the woods instead of 20,000. :)

I understand how it feels to be in an area without dread people. I can drive an hour and there are people with dreads everywhere. I live in a small town in the mountains. There are not many people like me here. I am a bit of an oddity. Lol but everyone knows me :D

Hope you are having a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Byron Pagdilao
08/10/13 01:37:20PM @bummie:

Sorry it took a while to get back to you. I just got back last night from the Heartland Rainbow Gathering. I do see a resemblance in our hair. Your dreads are about the same thickness as mine :) Yours are growing beautifully.

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