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Location: brisbane
Country: AU

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A big kiss for da beauitful tree
tree huger for life
playing sooo gud;)
dancing loving it
to beauitful
so beauitful
playing music :)


10/13/10 02:26:47PM @cracker:
Hey! How have you been?

Daniel Bernier
07/05/10 02:42:05AM @daniel-bernier:
No not yet, i really want to I've only been in australia 4 months and i can't wait to, its so beautiful here, i want to find a good place to walk and just chill, i want my first trip here to be a beautiful one, and i can't go yet cause i don't know anybody that can help me out in that area yet, I've been looking but no luck yet :(I don't know if i'm not saying the right thing when i ask or if they just don't have any, but i always say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, if i keep asking ill get it sooner or later,Its nice to meet you hope all is happy and peaceful

Alex Angam
06/11/10 12:11:44PM @alex-angam:
Thank you, but it's not mine, it's a good friends so I get to spend a lot of time in it. They are great for travel! I would also like to get one for myself but it's not as easy as I thought. Good luck with finding one that's perfect for you!

05/24/10 05:03:56PM @rasdanuel:
your comin out my way?......when? are you coming out to GrassValley?.....InI up in Hayfork,Ca till October working inna "garden"...wish you were able to come up dis way....take care and ill talk to you inna few days when im back in town and on-line, many blessings sistahI.......RasDanuel

Paul F. Jarrett
05/19/10 11:11:14PM @paul-f-jarrett:
Thanks for the request! Hope everything is well on the other side of the world. Peace and Blessings!

05/17/10 07:12:51AM @cracker:
Haha Im doing good. The weathers nice so hopefully it turns out to be a good day. Hope you have a good day. :)

05/16/10 05:24:11PM @cracker:
Hey hows it going!

04/23/10 12:08:24AM @illumiknotty:
i dont mean to be shallow, but i would just like to say that "wow, you must be the prettiest girl on this site"

Smail Jr
04/21/10 12:09:08AM @smail-jr:
Thanks for the add :)

04/18/10 03:29:55PM @rasdanuel:
yesIa sistren InI will add you! mi hope to stay

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