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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Big Bear City, CA
Zipcode: 92314
Country: US


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11 years ago - Comments: 0
  - Real Love (Rebellion Riddim)

- Real Love (Rebellion Riddim)

11 years ago - Comments: 0
Africa Unite

Africa Unite

11 years ago - Comments: 0
Rocket Man

Rocket Man

11 years ago - Comments: 0
_Sister Act 2  - Joyful,

_Sister Act 2 - Joyful,

11 years ago - Comments: 0
- You Never Knew

- You Never Knew

11 years ago - Comments: 0
Babylon Respect Lower

Babylon Respect Lower

11 years ago - Comments: 0
Look Inside

Look Inside

11 years ago - Comments: 0

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King and Queen!!
my Empress!!!!!!!!!!
King an Queen.....
becca-jane my wife
Ezekias my boy...


Mikey Kinsley
05/22/12 07:43:32PM @mikey-kinsley:

Your dreads are rad! by the way you got a good taste in music.

ɥɐɾʞǝqsɐɹ redeyedreadi
03/30/12 03:11:41PM @qs-redeyedreadi:
Iqueen love mi king! Forivah joined in selassie I name :)

Brittany Marie
10/26/11 05:39:05AM @brittany-marie:

hi friend :) blessings to you and your beautiful family!

zoubairi  hassan zebra
04/02/11 02:40:59PM @zoubairi-hassan-zebra:
thanks please link to ::

ɥɐɾʞǝqsɐɹ redeyedreadi
10/25/10 05:44:38PM @qs-redeyedreadi:
Everyday I thank Jah for bringing our hearts together. I love you King <3

Nic Sullivan
08/23/10 10:16:00AM @nic-sullivan:
Hey bro you seem like the guy to go to if you got some questions about Rasta type stuff. So if you ever have the time to talk to me about it lemme know

08/13/10 01:57:05PM @pamella:
Hey You!!! Just stoppin by to show sum ~~Love~~ Things are good this way..Miss talking to you ;) Ever used any Dr Bronner's soap products?..They are awesome!!!! All organic, too!! Switched to using his products a little while back and so happy with them! Alot been going on here in FL..Hit me up sometime..I have called but it has been when your workin~~ Blessings to yah!! Muah!!

ɥɐɾʞǝqsɐɹ redeyedreadi
07/07/10 06:18:44PM @qs-redeyedreadi:
i miss you

Marlee Skye
07/02/10 01:00:33PM @marlee-skye:
:)Thank much as I love Colorado..I wish I was back in california..Your locks are impressive :)

Hannah D
06/23/10 09:45:19PM @hannah-d:
i started locking them up again a week and a half ago, im so happy to have my locks back:] they are wonderful,i love your dreads, hopefully one day mine will look as beautiful as yours

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