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dreadlocks shampoo
Daniel Bernier


Location: Tanah merah
Country: AU


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Almost there
down town in London
In Hawaii
Having fun
Took her 3 times to get it right
The door to work is a peace sign, i loved that place
Just beautiful, i wish more people would go and find the wonderful beauty out here
Out the front door to my work in missouri
Beautiful waterfall in new zealand
In Branson missouri
new zealand
Might not look it but it was cold that day


Kelsey Joy
11/17/10 07:38:47PM @kelsey-joy:
thats so awesome!

09/02/10 03:51:12PM @jdwood:
That's cool I love to learn about origins and ancestry.

09/02/10 05:42:04AM @jdwood:
Hey that is a very Qubcois sounding name you got there.

08/31/10 02:42:33AM @chick-pea:
Hi there! The gecko was in WA near Perth, I guess he gets around : ) Re: "Where is this one at cause we have one down at southport near the gold coast"

07/05/10 01:05:29AM @samantha:
hey hey, have you been on your day tripping yet?? anywhooooo have the most wonderful day sami :)

05/12/10 04:02:30AM @mogwie:
How long were your dreads when you first had them done?I made mine myself. But i'v only been dreading for about 6 months i think. I cant wait till they grow as longas yours.

05/11/10 12:15:08AM @daiguma:
Come to the Southern Oracle Festival. its on this weekend!! :))you have nice hair good photos!

Lauren Larsen
04/23/10 03:43:30PM @lauren-larsen:
3/4 :)

04/12/10 03:05:23AM @amethyst:
Aaarrrrgghhh - your playin beats in the rain!!! This is my seriously jealous face....... I reckon you'd like melbourne. Google mornington penninsula - its a row of small little towns that run along the penninsula - obviously - and have a very small town feel about them. Theres rosebud, Mt martha, or portsea, just to name a few to look at. If my other half was like minded we would move there. I could knit and sew and felt goodies to sell at markets and grow veges and live off the land! Alas - hes very different, hes a blokey bloke and scoffs at my knitting. Hmmmm - I feel the winds changing........ Anyway I would LOVE to jam on the beach with you if you ever come down these ways. Keep me posted with your movements!!love & light x

04/11/10 10:52:04PM @amethyst:
Forgot to mention - I moved over to oz because I was at a point in my life where I needed a change of scenery - but now I want to go home!! I had a couple of friends who had moved over a couple of years before me and were bragging about how much they loved it and I was missing out! Sadly - they were mistaken!

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