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08/13/10 03:41:26PM @naturalwomyn:
oops didn't show up sorry here's the link

08/13/10 03:40:52PM @naturalwomyn:
I'm sorry too I had a long day yesterday of trying to help people that just want to tell me I'm wrong. I probably came off way too harsh and I do apologize for that. I'm working on a page that compiles many of the waxy horror stories we've seen here. If you feel like checking it out here it is, it's not done yet though. If you have time to read some let me know what you think. Many Blessings

Panterra Caraway
08/13/10 01:20:52PM @panterra-caraway:
Thank you for your very kind words! I started my dread after a long period of hardship and it basically came down to this...I need this for me and I don't care who doesn't get it because this is important. I hope you will be my friend, I really would enjoy knowing you...I am very sure :)

08/12/10 08:25:39PM @naturalwomyn:
is this a lil more obvious for u??? WAX =BAD

08/12/10 08:16:33PM @naturalwomyn:
umm ok obviously my point went right over your head!lol! If you actually took the time to understand what he's saying you would have gotten it. He's saying that everyone that doesn't like wax is a crazy caveman or just an angry jealous person. He is grouping us into these lil twisted stereotypical categories. He says that if you start our natural than you will have to either cut your hair or buy more of his products to get them out and then buy more products to start again.It sounds like you would be a perfect sheeple to follow his flock. If you like wax so much go ahead and keep using it, let us know how it works out for you, Until then I would suggest not thinking you know everything with your 2 months of dreading experience!LOL!!

08/12/10 05:24:28PM @naturalwomyn:
also wax doesn't speed up the process it slows it down by gluing hair together and restricting the movement movement=dreads. My hair naturally started dreading in 48 hours.

08/12/10 05:21:44PM @naturalwomyn: here's your info on mr.clean. Once you've been here a while and seen how many have been screwed over by his shady business practices, then let me know how you feel about him and weather we should just remain quiet.

08/12/10 07:17:47AM @recoverytrouble:
Welcome Rooth:)Congrats on starting your journey and finding an awesome place for friendship & support.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/11/10 05:57:15PM @soaring-eagle:
if u have facebook or twitter be sure to tell jonny clean what u think of him also hes going to put out an 800 number soon or so he says ti beg fir ppl to praise wax but i know the line will be flooded with complaints which he will never admit he ever git even 1 complaint

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/11/10 05:37:16PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome get rid of the rubber bands do the wax removal and btw dreadheadhq salt spray has a 6000% markup u pay 10 bucks from them but 2 bucks u can make 385 botttles yourself and u know they get a wholesale discount so they charge 10 bucks for what costs them a penny to makerubber bands dont help they hurt same with wax remove em both

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